Underrated Albums - Sweet Little Sins - Subliminal Noize

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Released in 2016, the Sweet Little Sins EP is considered the be final release from Dutch producer and artist Subliminal Noize. And someone that is a personal acquaintance of mine.


I must honestly say, i would not have thought about this release if it wasn’t for a post on facebook which reminded me that ...

There is actually a very melancholic story behind this release

Releasing music since the early 2010’s, the first releases and remixes in the range of ‘very experimental’ to ‘utter shit’. He never gave up and with a real punk diy attitude & a lot of hard work from himself and his team, there was an exponential noticeable curve with his sound and productions that got better over time.

Subliminal Noize was producing eclectic electronic music with a dark underground twist that defied genres, and could not really tick any of the well known genres and boxes

A couple of years later, he initiated the controversial D4S compilation series and he won some prices for his work,there were even some independent movie placements on his name. He was finally finding his own signature sound, a mixture between ambient and layed back downbeat with a dark twist, And so, you could say that his star was slowly rising.

Then Disaster Struck

Early 2015 he got admitted into the hospital, with what the doctors thought at first, a heavy case of the flu. But it wasn’t the flu, it was a virus. A virus that attacked his body and lungs so severe that he nearly died. And when asleep in a drug induced coma, mistakes were made

Months later the producer left the hospital to go into rehab and recovery, but even though he tried, the entity and persona that was Subliminal Noize, never really left that hospital IC,

And so, Another dream and a promising career got crushed

The Sweet little sins cover

The cover art is a quick drawing of the damaged lungs of the producer, made by his manager while discussing his terrible shortness of breath and fatigue

And last week i noticed how much that looks like a drawing of a doctor of the lungs of the recent corona patients, this doctor told a story that was shockingly similar to what happened in 2015 to Subliminal Noize, and because of what this doctor told, how a terrible future prospects these patients have, i had to think about my acquaintance and former friend. And it saddens me, because i noticed what these diseases do

Be safe

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