Funk / Soul / R&B stomper. My great Collection [#1]. Listen some 45 RPM VINYL, All Soul lovers welcome !

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Welcome Classic RnB, Soul and Funk Lovers!  

I'd like to share with you some of my favorite and latest discoveries !

Unobtainable, rare Vinyl 45 RPM. If any of you know how to get one of these let me know. I know some collector willing to buy.

Enjoy !

The Hustlers - Boston Monkey

(Check on Discogs)

The Hustlers "Boston Monkey" excellent mid-tempo R&B played by a Garage group on a crazy  dance  called "Boston Monkey" released in 1964 under Musicor records MU 1129 Label, a Talmadge production division (New York). Of course many artists did new songs based on this track like Alvin Cash, Billy Butler ! Or in the Doo Wop "You Cheated" Garage sauce !


Ted Taylor - Somebody's Always Trying

(Check on Discogs)


Sherri Taylor - He's The One That Rings My Bell

(Check on Discogs)


That's all for today, Upvote if you like Funk Soul RnB Classics so we can share more good music on Steemit.

Enjoy these masterpiece ! My favorite is Boston Monkey

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Thank you for sharing