SMG Acoustic Concert - Ed Privat

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Yesterday I performed on the Discord channel of the SMART MEDIA GROUP at 1:30am South Africa Johannesburg time, I was invited by @angelica7 and I had such blast!

Lately I was focused so much on recording my album that I forgot how good it feels to jam, the funny thing is, the stress is here when you play on Discord, the same way that when you perform in front of an audience, so it was very interesting and I was not expecting feeling the rush the same way.
I might do more concerts until I release my next single next Month (for the steemfest?)

Power Of Love
Boo'd up (Ella Mai)
Here or There
I Wanna Feel
Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey)
All My Life
We're Going Home (Drake)
Another Day

Special thanks to:
@bitcoinparadise , @heaterville
@geadriana , @guachoman and

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What a beautiful video @edprivat This video has filled my night with joy, the work was rewarded with your precious voice. You are a wonderful singer and with very good energy. The Smart Media Group team is proud to have you with us on this concert night.
I also felt many conquillas in the stomach of emotion, with the organization and I enjoyed it a lot, doing the publication and speaking in other channels to promote yourself. It was all worth it.
I am very happy to have met you. Thank you sincerely.
Good vibes.

Thank you @angelica7 I was so impressed by how amazing you were, all the hard work to promote, writing articles, and hosting, thanks so much for the effort, it allows musicians like me to be able to showcase their music!
I hope that we will do another concert very soon!
Cheers! :)

How beautiful @edprivat, you can not imagine the good energy you have given, after reading. For me it was a pleasure, you were also very kind and understandable. Everything was teamwork. I would have liked to speak English, but you can always count on a friend like Adri to collaborate, with much encouragement.

Of course we can organize another concert at SMG. Soon I will see you in the channel of the route, I am sure that you will love there too.

Stay blessed !
I am always opened to collaboration :) take care!

Dude, this is great! I did a few DLive streams before they jumped ship and I know what you mean about the nerves thing! You've got some really great tone going on there. I'm just gonna leave this playing while I do some Discord chat. I didn't know that you could play music over Discord like that. Good to know brother! Will you be at Steemfest? I'm bringing my guitar. Maybe see you there and jam some!

Don't mention Dlive in front of me, it still too painful :) lol kidding I don't care
Yeah there's more and more radio show happening on Discord, I don't know how good the quality was, you know there's some data loss sometimes , the voice go all robotic.
Yes! I will be at the Steemfest!!! I am bringing guitar too, let's organize a jam one day?

Brilliant! I'll need to hook up with you on Discord. I'm Camuel#5514. I know a couple of other musicians that are coming so it should be fun!

This was an amazing live performance! Glad I was there :)

Thanks @bitcoinparadise for coming by it means a lot !!!

Wow, this is a great idea. I'll def. not miss the next one!

It's alright we will do more of these !

Last night was an amazing experience. It was full of positive vibes and the incredible talent of @edprivat. Thank you very much SMG and @angelica7 for invited me.

Thanks for coming, for cheering up :) and for the support!

It was a pleasure to me stayed in the first part of this great concert! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! Now I have the opportunity to listen this amazing concert again!

Thank you @geadriana for coming, and for helping too :)

Awesome! Man this is why the 7 day window is not appropriate for this medium. I will be rocking this video for quite some time man. Kicking so much ass.