Rhye - Woman - Amazing Vocals and Music Compositions (music inside)

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Rhye is an electronic music band - started as a duo based from Los Angeles USA - with the Canadian singer Milosh and Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal. They released their debut album already some time ago (2012) and working on their second one.

I had the privilege to hear them live in the Netherlands about a year ago. They produce such amazing sound and music! Mostly with electronic instruments, and a lead singer with a fantastic voice. The mood can be compared a little with Sade and Lana del Rey: Ambient, Abstract but with some really cool electronic compositions.

  • Artist: Rhye
  • Album: Woman
  • Style: Vocal, Abstract
  • Year: 2012

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Rhye - Woman (2012)


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Rhye Website: click here
note: the website is out of order at the moment of writing
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Rhye Website: click here
note: the website is out of order at the moment of writing

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LUV HER and its just the perfect get off that internet music :)

Amazing Music!

For SURE! Glad you like this!

great one buddy!

Great cool down for an after-danceweekend :)

This is so amazing, thank you for sharing it :)

Enjoy! :)

Nice post! Rhye makes such great music! Open & The fall being the standouts of an amazing album! =)

So glad you like the music! It is one of my discoveries of 2016.

That's really nice haha! Well, I will stay tuned for your other discoveries! ;-)

Thanks for your feedback and certainly is a very nice album and band.

Rhye release today two songs!!! Did u already checked them out? :D

NO!!! Need to check them ASAP! Thanks for the alert!

You're welcome! =)

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cool , thanks for sharing with us.

Sure, no probs :) I love this album and I did not want to keep it for myself :)

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Thank you!

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Thank you. Glad you like what I shared! Rhye is super for sure. A shame they have that little amount of albums out.