ALBUM REVIEW // 508-507-2209 by Joyner Lucas

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508-507-2209 is rising Massachusetts rapper Joyner Lucas' debut album dropped via Atlantic Records. Before listening to this album I had never really heard of Joyner Lucas. I heard one guy at work say his name and talk about one of his music videos, but other than that, I hadn't heard anything else. I'm very picky when it comes to listening to new artists. Sometimes and for the most part, I don't get surprised when I ain't feelin' shit. This was NOT one of those times. Once I heard that first song, I was like, DAAAAAAAAMN. Joyner's flow, is ridiculous. He's one of those fast rappers without a doubt. He doesn't flow super fast the entire song, but he lets it come out when neeeded. And that shit is flawless. After listening to this one I added Joyner Lucas to my list of artists to check out. I'm definitely giving the rest of his catalog a listen. Overall I gave this album in its entirety, a 3.5/5. Play this one for sure!

Track Listing:

  1. Ultrasound
  2. Lovely
  3. FYM (featuring Mystikal)
  4. Keep It 100
  5. Winter Blues
  6. Just Like You
  7. Just Because
  8. Lullaby
  9. Way To Go (featuring Snoh Aalegra)
  10. Look What You Made Me Do (featuring Stefflon Don)
  11. We Gon' Be Alright
  12. Forever
  13. I Need More
  14. Literally
  15. I'm Sorry
  16. One Lonely Night

Songs That Stand Out:

#1 Ultrasound
Produced by Decap

#3 F.Y.M.
Featuring Mystikal

#5 Winter Blues

#10 Look What You Made Me Do
Featuring Stefflon Don

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really dope album that really put me on to Joyner, my favourite track is Just Like You, I'm Sorry is great too.