Audition for @Vocalists-Trail CENTER STAGE Competition

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Hey Everyone,  I'm really excited to be here on Steemit and already I found a really cool opportunity! But I mightt need a little help :D If you dig this post/music video could you resteem and upvote it on the @Vocalists-Trail blog?

They're having a competition and the grand prize is a ton of promotion!! among other things. 

I hope you'll check out this original song of mine called "San Francisco" - My percussionist and I call ourselves "The Fruits" ... we simply don't like to take ourselves too seriously, haha! but that doesn't stop us from getting a groove on.

Here it's performed live (no autotune, no corrections, purely uncut) Filmed and Recorded by The Ferndale Set in Ferndale, MI  

I love the singer songwriter vibes so that's what this song would fall into, but I also do a lot of live looping as you can see in some of my other videos.  I've played with a variety of groups too - two different rock bands (on Spotify, Google Music, iTunes)

1. Standing Sun  

2. Vandalay (Album - Spectrum)

My passion definitely remains with these acoustic, nostalgic feeling songs though.  Here's an example of one of my singer songwriter albums or just find me on Spotify!

Anyway, Thanks for your help! I really hope I win the competition :D

Your Friendly Local Musician, Drew

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Upvoted and Resteemed...Good Luck with you career endeavors!😀


Woo! Thank you so much! :D

What a great voice! This a great entry for Center Stage. Your song is easy listening, good to groove to! Thanks for your entry, really enjoyed your post and listening to your song. You are very talented and easily likable! :)

Also, Up-Voted, Re-Steemed! :D

Now that was a cool groove!
Great vocal, and I like the song also.
I had to resteem this.

this is incredible I love it! fantastic voice and great tune. talented player as well, amazing video ! whole package of perfect. new fan