Soaring Melody - Original piano piecesteemCreated with Sketch.

in music •  2 years ago 

Here is one of the original piano pieces on my latest album, "Reflections" - Hope you all enjoy!

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What a nice track. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much!

Absolutely beautiful and relaxing. Thank you. You're very talented!

Thanks! Glad you like it

Deserves a lot more up votes. Following back, friend. This is really beautiful and I'm grateful you're sharing on here.

Maybe sometime we could collaborate--I could totally see singing over something like this. Xx, Kay

Thanks so much! Yes, shoot me an email sometime: [email protected] and maybe we could work on some stuff

It won't be for a while as I'm travelling and working on some health issues that need my attention, but maybe in a couple of months? If I forget in the mix of everything.. please remind me! In the meantime.. truly, all the best. I hope you do well. See you on here :).

Sounds good! Talk to you soon :)


Like.. tnx, as always.

Thank you!