My Choon & Musicion Weekly update...

in music •  5 months ago

So i have been trying to keep my profiles on Choon & Musicoin updated, i have to admit i have not spent enough time there as i wish, but as the time passes i see more and more potential on those platforms as a music distribution option, regardless they are at very early stage.

I dont have much plays or coins on both sites, i guess it depends on how much time you invest in them, but for the little i been there i find it cool to receive some tips from people who listen to my songs...


On Musicoin i already earned 1,49$ in just a couple weeks and a few tracks, not doing much than just releasing the tracks there, i am sure that if i spread the link though all social medias the result would be greater.

The cool thing is that i will keep earning coins there with the time, which is what makes a huge difference with Dsound and any steem based platforms, hey!, dont get me wrong, i still love Dsound and think its my number 1 audio platform, but models are pretty different.

So far i released 5 tracks there!, so go and check them out!
My Musicoin

On Choon i uploaded also some tracks, and i am building a friends playlist. Choon seems to be more about the playlists, so if you have a Choon account let me know so i can include some of your songs on my playlist... Notes (choon coins) are still not available to exchange, but i figure it will be in the future and wont hurt to get some coins now...


So if you are a musician, what are you waiting for joining these platforms?... Also let me know if you are already there!


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Hi dreamrafa, it's nice to meet you I am also on choon platform, I think it's a promising place, let's see on the first December this year they promised their notes to be exchangeable if you like blues I'm having 50-50 offer for playlist on choon, have a good oneand all the best to you my choon account name is gtelefon, thanks

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