2/15/18 - Eevee - Lofi Hip Hop / Beats

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Hey everyone! Hope you're having a pleasant day so far.

Today, I'm going to offering up the music of Eevee, a 24 year old beat-maker from the Netherlands. She's been making music since the early 2010s and has garnered a rather large following from the likes of last.fm and Spotify.

I'm a college freshman, so naturally I am studying a lot. It might be cliched at this point, but lo-fi beats are a great way to relax and chill while doing homework. Eevee is an artist that I have come across while shuffling beat playlists and I've always been satisfied with her sound. You should check her out below. The videos I'll link below seem to be from her personal YouTube account, so definitely support her on there! Here's her discography: https://rateyourmusic.com/artist/eevee

Here's the tape I've been liking recently:

If you like this type of sound, check out this link. It's a continuous live stream of chill beats.

Hope you guys liked these tunes! As always, try and support the artists directly if you have the means.

Listen to Eevee while: Doing homework, Reading, Studying, Reading manga

Enjoy, see ya tomorrow

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I think I've come across eevee but never listened to any songs. this is dope as fuck though, I love this wavelength and love lo-fi especially lo-fi house.

Good post. I recently discovered evee as well...didint know she was a woman from nethterlands, somehow makes me love her beats even more.
I agree on lo-fi beats being great to study and do other things to....
This is my favorite evee beat: