Imagine if Rihanna posted a new music video to steemit?

in music •  2 years ago

I believe steemit will finally give music artists the freedom they deserve and need. If major artists posted their new videos or exclusive videos imagine how many hits it would receive. Also, it could give new artists the exposure and monetary incentives they need. Stand by because my steemit music channel is coming to steemit soon!!

Look how many likes rihanna has. Imagine if this was a steemit exclusive?

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Cryptocurrencies in general will become much more prominent amongst the masses. Excellent post, its this kind of thinking and creativity that is required to get more people on board with Steem / Bitcoin etc...


Right on!! We could be witnessing one of the most disruptive platforms in ages with steemit.

Rihanna has over 550 million views on just this one video. Imagine her steemit payout.