The post of free music for vlogs [VLOGGERS AND COMPOSERS]

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All right folks!

I have recently started vlogging and today I decided to make my content better by adding some trance music there. I started the search and did not find a lot within an hour.

I see a lot of vloggers and creative people here in steemit, so let's list some cool sources in current post.

I am very interested in psy-trance, fullon or progressive.

If you know something about the topic - please share the information:

  • What sort of license is OK for adding to monetized video?
  • How to filter out suitable music from huge sources?
  • Can we add the track without any requests if we use less then 15 seconds of the track?

Here is a couple of sources from my side!

Please leave more tracks and sources in comments!
Knowledge sharing is very welcome!

I will promote the post with few SBD. Please comment, voteup and share, so we had more information in one place

Thanks a lot,