Origin City - A Cryptovoxels Musical (Gitcoin Grant & EP Project)

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Welcome to Origin City, a realm of virtual voxels built upon the Ethereum Blockchain by members of the Cryptovoxels community. In this brave new world, two cryptic souls set out on a journey to explore new frontiers, and through music and guided visuals they aim to share their adventures with you.

Meet Vandal & Unknown Mizery, a pair of microphone misfits on a crash course with the metaverse. With over 50 years of Hip Hop between them, these new kids on the blockchain are destined to bridge the gap through rap and put their city on the map!

Origin City [The EP] - is a 5-Song dedication to the creative wonderland known as Cryptovoxels, its unique districts, immaculate builds and wacky inhabitants. Each (meta)verse lyrically crafted by two dope emcees and expressed on top of a bed of beats concocted by his royal Emenati - DJ Lethal Skillz - all under the umbrella of DAOrecords. This project will be released inside Cryptovoxels and only available on blockchain platforms.

Your patronage goes to support the recording, producing and documenting of the project, ultimately assisting in the growth and development of the DAO and its members. Not to mention, exclusive NFT goodies and an opportunity to contribute to the project can all be made possible with the contribution of a single $DAI.

Support Our Gitcoin Grant Here

Get Involved!

We're seeking participation from the community to help us shape the lyrics that will be crafted for this projects. Anything related to Origin City and Cryptovoxels is acceptible!

  • What's your favorite Area?
  • Any sexy build we need to know about?
  • What street rhymes with DOPE?
  • Got a voxel lyric to donate?

Once again don't forget to Support Our Gitcoin Grant so we can make this happen!

Learn more about Daorecords here


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