"Imagine a blissful Utopia with no money in" with Run The Jewels throwing a money burning party in 'Ooh La La' Feat. Nice & Smooth’s Greg Nice and DJ Premier

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Salute Hivers! Hope you all keeping well and strong in these times, I want to share with you an awesome recent and one of my new my favorite Hip-Hop track til now for 2020, and it is called "Ooh La La" a new song from the Run The Jewels forthcoming LP titled 'Run the Jewels 4'

"Ooh La La" features hip hop heavyweights Greg Nice of Nice & Smooth and produced by the one and only DJ Premier.

The song and video imagined the world on the day that the struggle of the class was finally over. A day that humanity, empathy, and community were victorious over the forces that separate us based on arbitrary systems created by man. Refreshing Hip Hop song with amazing lyrics, music, energy, and dancers.

The video starts with this quote:

“One day the long-fought battle between humanity and the forces of greed and division will end, and on that day, finally free, we will throw a motherfucking party,” the video begins. A quote by Killer Mike adds: “I need a bottle of Moët…garçon!”


The Rolling Stone Magazine quoted it as "Imagine a blissful Utopia with no money in" and said that this video is a fantasy of waking up on a day that there is no monetary system, no dividing line, no false construct to tell our fellow man that they are less or more than anyone else. Not that people are without, but that the whole meaning of money has vanished. That we have somehow solved our self-created caste system and can now start fresh with love, hope, and celebration. It’s a dream of humanity’s V-DAY… and the party we know would pop off.”*

With the current rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and more people learning about money ... I can see this Utopia becoming the norm soon. What do you think? And without further a due, I hope you enjoy the refreshing Hip Hop new classic 'Ooh La La' let's Go!

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