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Hello again, Steemians!

Today I want to share some great news. This has been anticipated, and I am extremely happy to share it with this community!

I finally joined my favorite musicians platform on the blockchain, I'm now officially one of the @Musicoin Global ambassadors!


With that said, I hope that I can be of more help and support to our Steemit artists who use the Musicoin platform.

If you need any information or have questions about Musicoin, you can reach out to me on Discord at ‘djlethalskillz#7371’.

To learn about how Musicoin works and how it can elevate your music career, click here. For more details, read our Whitepaper.

Also, check some of my music and follow me on my Musicoin Artist Page

Who Is DJ Lethal Skillz?

Since the early 1990s, Lethal Skillz has been a representative as one of world’s elder Arab DJ statesman – earning him the title as the oldest and most established turntablist in the Middle East and North Africa.

He was the first to push turntablism as an art form in the Middle East and has continued to be one of Arab hip-hop’s most notable cultural ambassadors.

As the premier representative of Lebanon and Middle Eastern hip-hop and a prolific radio host, Lethal Skillz has traveled the world, partaking and engaging in hundreds of community DJ workshops, free concerts, b-boy events, and community events.

He's also the first Arabic judge for the DMC World DJ Championship GCC Battles, which was hosted in Dubai during 2007.

Having grown up as a child during the Lebanese Civil War, Skillz utilizes his influence in hip-hop to sow the seeds of peace and community empowerment. Ingrained in the hip-hop culture, he manifests an unyielding vivacious commitment to keeping DJ culture alive and engaging with the youths of this generation wherever he goes.

Lethal Skillz is currently based in Kuala Lumpur and Beirut, where he continues to serve as a DJ an turntablist, granting him the opportunity to share the stage with iconic and legendary hip-hop figures; i.e., Grandmaster Flash, Timbaland, Missy Eliot, De La Soul, Pharoahe Monch, M-1 of Dead Prez, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Dj Qbert, Rob Swift, DJ Akakabe, Co-ma, DJ Tony Touch, and World DMC Champions, DJ Vinroc (5th Platoon/Triple Threat), DJ Shortkut, and DJ Apollo (ISP/Triple Threat).


Performing Live with the legendary Grand Master Flash (Beirut, 2017)

In addition to his capacity as a DJ and turntablist, Lethal Skillz has also been producing and releasing music for over 20 years. He has released two seminal Arab hip-hop albums – New World Disorder (2008) and Karmageddon (2012) – which featured nearly everyone in the Lebanese hip-hop scene, past and present; as well as, many of Arab hip-hop stalwarts from the region and Diaspora.

In addition, Skillz has collaborated with De La Soul, Fredwreck (producer for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg), Bootie Brown with The Pharcyde, Hussein Fatal with The Outlaws (close affiliation with 2Pac Shakur), and most of the pioneers of Arab hip-hop, both in the region and Diaspora.

musicoin cov.png

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Livingston can be used to promote anything. Will drop by and watch your gig if I am in Kl.


Thank you I will look into Livingston! Cheers

Great job brother, keep going. You deserve Upvote and Following.


Kudos mah man!

congratulations man on being the official ambassador! can’t wait to hear from you this Saturday! you’ve got our support!



Caleb! mah man kudos looking so forward to seeing u all this Saturday, Salute!!

Congratulations bro...your resume speaks for yourself on why you are picked as Musicoin ambassador.


Salute mah man! Appreciate the support ;)

Great stuff man! I'm following you on Musicoin...still not sure what to make of the platform though, honestly. I don't like the website much. And I don't think I'm getting that many plays of people who actually really listen to my tracks. It's mainly just people who expect a comment and/or a tip in return...


Appreciate it mah man, Musicoin is still a baby growing up so many great things happening this year stay on the lookout to that! Personally when I was a user I made a 1000$ in less then 2 months despite all issues mentioned, likewise looking forward for the platform to evolve and we all grow with it. Salute


I will definitely keep my eye on Musicoin and I'm slowly uploading more of my tracks on there. I do wonder how you got to make that much in just 2 months...any useful suggestions?? I'm currently stuck at about 200 MC, that's less than 5 USD :p I'm confident that things will improve though, but Steemit for example seems to be much more worth it for me at the moment!


I love that the Musicoin guys are sticking to their plan and not getting sucked into rushing things or hyping things up unrealistically!

Getting us, the musicians, to help spread the word is exactly how it should be. This is after all about everyone being treated equally and fairly and the Ambassador Programme is a great way to be even more motivated to be part of the team.

There are still a lot of people that view these block chain projects with an old fashioned "us and them" attitude but I feel initiatives like this will help to change people's views and make them realise that we are all on the same side!

Steemit (and dsound) may both be about sharing one's music but they compliment each other perfectly as they have different audiences and a different approach when it comes to monetisation too.

Looking forward to seeing more posts from you!

Long live the blockchain revolution!

Add dsound & Musicoin tracks and get more plays!

Follow @JuxtaMusic for More Of My Music


Mah man! Really appreciate your feedback and words totally agree with what u said and embracing all these blockchain platforms combined from Steemit to Dsound and Musicoin for now are the ultimate musician weapon from networking to licencing to publishing and distribution and definetily earning way beyond what we usually earn on the standard centralized platforms out there.

I still need to dig into your Atom Collector platform and check it out, looking forward to all of us building and growing.


Congratulations brother! You deserve it and more! Keep inspiring! Cheers! Salute!


Salute bro! Appreciate the support, kudos ;)

Wow...congrats mah man...u are an inspiration. Lets see how we can leverage on this platform for mutual benefit. Love what u are doing for the community. Its good effort.


mah man! likewise looking forward to seeing u this Saturday, Salute!


Shall see u this saturday. Lotsa love from us...ciaoz


Much respect mah man likewise looking forward to seeing u all! Salute

Congratulations, Much Respect !

I m getting some royalties free material ready , ill upload it soon :)

Peace ;)


Mah man! Appreciate it Looking so forward to get more of ur material on Musicoin
Kudos! 1

Let's rock the blockchain!


Woop Woop! Salute Pacal Let's Rocky Rock it

Congratulations @djlethalskillz!!


Kudos to the fam!!!

This is great news indeed. I'm a big fan of Musicoin and have invested a bit in $Music so to see Steemit and MC getting closer is huge!


Respect! both are great platforms, Kudos on the support!



Woop Woop!! Simmy Simmy Girl!! haha Kudos

Welcome aboard!!!


Kudos to the fam!! Salute ;)

Yess @djlethalskillz, good work pays off! Congratulations 💥🏆


no doubt, Kudos!