Album Review #118: Persistence Of Time (Anthrax)

in music •  4 months ago


  1. Time
  2. Blood
  3. Keep It In The Family
  4. In My World
  5. Gridlock
  6. Intro To Reality
  7. Belly Of The Beast
  8. Got The Time
  9. H8 Red
  10. One Man Stands
  11. Discharge

Anthrax got serious for their 6th album. They had previously been kind of the comic book heroes of metal, showing a sense of humor and not taking themselves too seriously. They got all dark on our butts for this one, though. It contains "Keep It In The Family", "Belly Of The Beast", and a great cover of Joe Jackson's "Got The Time". But something seems to be missing...oh, yeah. A sense of humor. Even so, this may be their best album on some levels. Not great by any means, but a decent piece of thrash.

This was also the last album with singer Joey Belladonna for awhile...he's been back twice since, and seems to be the most solid of the eight lead vocalists they have had.

This is album #118 in an ongoing series.

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