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Biffy Clyro.


A name that I have had heard multiple times in recent years. A name that has generated hype wherever their mentioned. A name that, very deservingly, has won my respect since my girlfriend suggested I give them a chance about two months ago. Allow me to share why I think I may have found one of my new favourite bands.


The photo above sums up exactly why I fell in love this band - their music is fun and mischievous, but written in a way that is technically exquisite and thought provoking. This combination creates a balance in the music that intrigued me since the first time I was introduced to their 2009 release "only revolutions." The creativity with which they approached the fusion of rhythmic patterns and notes instantly made me think of French prog rockers "Totorro" who I am a big fan of.


Drummer Ben Johnston inspired me to think about rock drumming in a different light when I became aware of the way he played with purpose - each rhythm was written and thought about in way that complimented all the other facets of the music at once. His rhythms consider not only the bass, but guitar and vocal melodies to create a sound that is layered and powerful. When I first heard the song "Cloud of Stink" i was hooked. The driving, fast-paced 7/8 pattern heard in the verses contrasted with the dynamics of the pre-choruses give me shivers every time. Do yourself a favour and have a listen -

As I listened to "Only Revolutions" over and over and over again, I realised why they had built such hype and reputation. Each time I listen to the album, I hear something that I had not before. The layering is beautifully done. The lyrics are meaningful. The music is technically brilliant. Biffy Clyro showed me that rock and roll was indeed not dead yet, and there was hope.

Take the journey of discovering their music for yourselves, if you dare.


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