De Wallen Live at Thrashers Skate Park performing Spanish Train by Chris de Burgh.

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We just came back from Gauteng after recording our third studio album with Jaco Naudé from Audio Culture.

De Wallen - Cover (live at Thrashers Skate Park)-2.jpg

On our last day, we did a little farewell gig Thrashers Skatepark and our good friend Jonathan Erin Purchase from Dizzy Khaki just happened to swing by and film this epic video. Our vocalist Jeandré Swanepoel performed his signature acoustic cover "Spanish Train" by Chris De Burgh to start off the night, we hope you enjoy.

If you would like to pre-order your copy of the new album check out our crowd-funder here:

We will soon be uploading our video content to Dtube as well but we seem to be having some issues with uploads.

Rember to Live a Little


Well done boys all of the best with the crowd-funder.

Thanks we can't wait to get that album on vinyl!!!

It sounds great to hear the song. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much

Always a pleasure working with you guys!

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