The Road to Glory!!!

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De Wallen has been going for roughly 7 years this year and we have done a lot of things in that time.

Our next step will be one that we have wanted to take since the inception of the band and that is, touring abroad.


With the help of our management company DSE we have started working on our very first European tour. When the tour is fully booked we will be performing 18 shows through out The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Currently we have eight of the eighteen shows confirmed and booked. Here is the list of confirm dates:

30 Nov - De Wallen (ZAF) at Cafe Rocks

1 Dec - De Wallen (ZA) at Moonshine Sliedrecht
6 Dec - De Wallen (ZA) at Den Heilige Cornelius
7 Dec - De Wallen (ZA) at De Engel
9 Dec - De Wallen (ZA) at Bel Air
11 Dec - De Wallen (SA) Day 1 at Cowboy und Indianer
12 Dec - De Wallen (SA) Day 2 at Cowboy und Indianer
16 Dec - De Wallen (ZA) at Het Spektakel

This tour has been a very expensive journey for us and being in the middle of making our third album you can say we are ... broke as shit. The band aims at paying all of the expenses of the tour being: Booking fee, Flight tickets, Visa's, Medical insurance, accommodation, gear hire, transport (and the list goes on) prior to going on tour by performing in South Africa and hopefully getting some sponsorship money. That is why we are turning to you the Steemit community. You have already helped us so much in the past. With our previous account @dewallenband (Which we have lost access to due to a break in) we were able to raise enough steem to pay for the recording of our third album!!! That just goes to show the power of the Steem community.

That is why we are asking for any Steem/SBD donations/Resteems etc to help us ensure maxsimum exposure about the tour and getting the funds we so need to make this tour the best it can be. @DSE has also been so kind as to help us pay for their head of media @dirkodie to accompany us on the tour. He will be running our social channels for the duration of the tour so that you can follow us on our journey. He will also be making an after movie with clips of the best shows some interviews and funny clips. We will also be giving all of you that donate towards our tour a free copy of the new up and coming album

Total Donations for our European tour fund: 80 Steem

Total Donors: 1
Big up to them: @benniebanana

As always just Live a Little

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You guys are going to kill it, all of the best!!!


Thanks guys, half of it is you!



Thanks @awgbibb that means the world :) You are officially part of our success train.

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Wishing you luck with your trip, will be an adventure of a lifetime @dewallen


It definitely will be one to remember!!