Lets discuss the electronic keyboard

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Hello steemians

While we all are still recovering from the effects of HF20, a lot of things are starting to return to normal.

For the time being, ill be posting videos of my own, uploaded to YouTube for semi-educational purposes.

Today, I talk about the electronic keyboard.


So in the video, I mentioned that the piano is an evolution of the harpsichord and for many of yall who may not know, a harpsichord is an instrument primarily used in the very old and early classical era, namely the Renaissance and Baroque era of music.

This era is known as the "o damn so boring!" era of music to many young people today.

This is a Wikipedia definition of the harpsichord, it had issues such as not being able to regulate the pitch or volume of the sound and so was very restrictive.

That didn't stop legendary composers like Bach from using it though.

The picture below is an harpsichord, follow the link to learn more.


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In my previous semester, I learnt a bit about music and how it and I stepped upon the sentence:

Renaissance and Baroque era of music.

The lecturer says that whenever we study music,the baroque era is very vital.
And now it applies to keyboard also

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