3 Lives Release!

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Today's the day! The day I've been waiting for for months! My new EP "3 Lives" is officially released everywhere for download and streaming!


It's comprised of 5 new original darkpop tracks, as well as a remix by my favourite collaborator @davidfar

...and I feel so blessed to get an amazing review on Jammerzine about it this morning:

"Being a multimedia artist with a varied and extensive career, Nina Helene Hirten knows what I mean when I say she is an absolute asset to the music scene and, more importantly, the independent music scene. ‘Three Days’ is as phenomenal as it is spacious, diverse, and interesting. To be honest, the previews do not give it justice. This is audible world building.

There is so much here, musically. With genre hopping as an artform, DEROSNEC appears to rely heavily on life experiences as much as her multiple talents to draw from stylistically and lyrically. The end result is a concept as well as a trademark of form. DEROSNEC utilizes her unique vocal range to an extant that it is signature and welcoming. And the accompanying music dares me to label her a composer.

Welcome to the next experience of your life."

WOW. thank you so much, I am beyond grateful! If you want to help support the album then the best place to do that is on Bandcamp - but you can of course upvote this post, too lol :D

Happy listening!!


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Congratulations, tremendous production and music. We hope to follow you in more proposals

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