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First Test of The New Camera and 9 minutes of a Hardware Techno Jam

in music •  11 months ago

Same, I went from first seeing it and dismissing it as a silly toy to eagerly waiting for it to come up for sale on kijiji. All the updates that Novation did for it made it even more amazing. And I am actually yet to dive into the Isotonik editor, just with the packs Novation provides and some extra stuff I downloaded I've had tons of fun with it. It is absolutely my favourite groovebox (tho I am not hating Electribe as much as people whine about it from the first play with it) and I absolutely love how quickly you get into it everytime I pick it up.

I am not a huge fan of doing the video editing either and iMovie is less than friendly in my opinion to do quick things like just adding audio track to the video and trimming things. It bloats my HD like crazy, and I am pretty sensitive to that haha.

I've used Adobe Clip on my phone which I do enjoy, but that would add even more complexity to edit your videos on the tablet or phone and then use on PC, etc. But it was good to me when I was using it for Insta videos.

Need to revisit my research on skinny video editing software (even if I have to shell out a couple bucks, so be it) as I am definitely looking forward to doing more jams, just been crazy busy with work and life and steemit quickly took a backseat :(

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I’m running a super slimed down computer compared to my old set up. This one is just a 128GB solid state. I’m real hesitant on inviting a ton of video editing programs that will soak up hard drive space.

Personally, this sort of speaks to something in Electronic music that I hate which is how many hats you have to wear. It’s not enough to be just a good DJ or producer. You have to be a good social media director, photoshop expert, mixer, party promoter, mastering professional, and video editor. It’s exhausting and really pulls away from the actual product, but your product never gets any traction unless you can afford to have someone handle those aspects or you get some proficiency at them yourself to keep costs down. It’s created a generation of amateurs in my opinion. It’s not my ideal way of working, but I’ve slowly resigned myself to having to do what I need to do to get by. Maybe I’m just jaded, but it’s hard to balance all of them personally and still made music I enjoy.

That’s one of the things I like about this community so far. There is a certain genuine aspect to this platform that I love. It makes me feel like doing all these things is worth it for the first time in a while and it’s breathing some life back into what I do.


Brother, you took words from my mouth! The whole promotion thing has never been my strongest suite and video stuff isn't something I genuinely enjoy doing anymore, so, like you said, it becomes these things you force on yourself just because you wanna share something you're actually passionate about.

From one point of view, why bother, just do what you like doing and don't worry about traction. But the opposite side of that, it can become demotivating to be a tree in a forest, it's nice to have support and good words and even criticisms to your work, that's how you grow.

I do agree that there is much goodness here on steemit and for me this sort of rustic, organic feeling to a lot of content is only a good thing, sometimes stuff too polished can become off-putting.