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Greatings all, We would like to introduce ourselves to the steemit community.

We are a company located in Nigeria, Africa, hoping to bring about the introduction and spreading of the african sound and tune into the steemit community and from there, round the world.

A fledging and fairly new entertainment label, we hope to find others here who have been in the business way longer before us, and create a synegy with them.

It is still an experimental project, but we hope to be an entertainment company that values communication, customer satisfaction, and accountability.We infuse the traditional concepts of record label, entertainment company, and combine that with the internet community, the goals and positive parts of cryptocurrencies, taking the good parts of all those things mentioned, and discarding the bad parts to create a hybrid sort of system at play here.

We have no idea if others like this exists, but we hope to be the first of its kind here on steemit from africa.

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We started on steemit because this idea would not have been plausable before now, but steemit seems to be a place that encourages one to grow, a place thats a bit business friendly, and we cant forget about the main factor here, cryptocurrency and blockchain tech.

We hope to utilize the full facilites that steemit, STEEM and the SBD has to offer. We hope to integrate the concept of blockchain technology, the physical and digital world together.

When we start getting artists, publishing songs, start the streaming services, we hope to use STEEM, SBD, BTC as our major choice of currency.

We believe, the use and mass adoption of a coin, gives more value to it. In that case, we hope to bring more value to ourselves, by bringing more value to STEEM and steemit.
So in the spirit of music, lets expand the horizon, compress all negetivity, the world is changing rapidly, blockchain tech, cryptos and much more are the new order of the day,lets get things going now.

Above all things, we hope to Spread the message: That africa entertainment is the best of them all!

The drive didnt start now

In the year 199X a certain boy was born into a family of 5, 3 brothers, a mom and a dad. He grew up wanting nothing more than to play, have fun and be happy.

At the age of 10, his senior brother taught him just about the most basics steps of playing a keyboard. The do,re,mi,fa,soh,lah,ti and back to do (there is a catchy song on it that kids love).

Ever since that day, his life changed completely. Filled with the rage of a thousand angry opera men and the confidence greater than that of , he decided to tow his whole life on the music, with the music, and for the music.

Today, this 20+ old man has the keyboard skills greater than Dave Burbeck and John Coltrane, his bassist skils are second to non, Marcus Miller and Bazzik T are still learning the ropes in his mind!
Ok back on track, those people up there are just some of my mentors, people I aspire to ~overcome and overthrow~ be . Right now I am Learning, not because I do not know what to do, but because learning never sttops. I once heard a wise man say ;

The day you stop learning , isthe day one starts dieing

And I believe it a hundred percent, In my years of playing instruments, I have spent more than half the time learning the ropes. I have spent half of the time not understanding, and then understanding what the heck i was supposed to do in the first place.

See, my familiy is now comprised of 6 individuals, ! dad, 5 boys. Mama, God bless her soul, passed away fairly recently, and for as long as I can remember, the only musically inclined person in the family, the eldest out of the 5 boys, had not always been around. He, being the eldest, had always had to be outstanding, to be a guide to the rest of us, so he was always in one city or the other, working, but never around to teach me about music.

As a result, I am a self taught instrumentalist, and music producer.

I dare say that the last of my goals, is to get to full sail university for some final polishing before conquering the world of music both in africa, and the world over.
(do no dare me, i am dangerous)
With me, its always to have;

Big dreams that scare everyone


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Welcome to Steemit! If you have questions - ask me @dobroman

Big Dreams combined with always and in all ways learning is the key to success!
One cannot 'create' demand, one can only 'meet' demand,
and you have some right here, with encouragement and support.
Looking ahead to hearing what you got.

Thanks sir, this means a lot to me

You're welcome, Brother.
Ponder this helpful guide

THanks sir!

Welcome to the world of endless impossibilities( STEEMIT ) @debrecords

Welcome to Steemit! I am not sure if we have any active Nigerian musicians on here yet - it will be awesome to have your music here.

Good luck with getting started. The best way is to meet people - comment on other posts and get to know the community.

Lastly, check out our Open Mic:

O wow, ill get to that matt, i can believe there is a competition already, and 51 weeks in?

You oyinbos are fast

Welcome to Steemit! Nice introduction post! Thanks for sharing :) Keep on Steeming.

Thanks sir fire, youre the best!