Samantha's Show Choir Days

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I thought I'd share some of the fun Show Choir videos from when my daughter was in High School back in 2008.

In this set of videos they performed songs by ABBA. They were a brand new show choir group at the time and I was very impressed by how well they already performed together.

Hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed the years Samantha was in Show Choir. I'm not sure where she got her singing voice from, I just know it was not from me.

My daughter has a small solo in Thank You For The Music. They even let her change the lyrics a little bit to suit her.


By: (ABBA) Thank You For The Music
Written by ABBA members Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson


By: (ABBA) Dancing Queen
Written by ABBA members Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson


By: (ABBA) Mamma Mia
Written by ABBA members Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson


By: (ABBA) Waterloo
Written by ABBA members Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson

Photographs and Videos are owned by @debralee
but the Songs are owned by ABBA. Any Monetizing of these
videos on YouTube was done by ABBA.

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WOW how sweet and how talented !!!
I would like to congratulate her. Please tell him that I love him so much!
I love it

This was awesome @debralee!! I love ABBA and your daughter looked and sounded great up there!!

Thanks Deb! I think I loved her being in show choir as much as she did. :D

You're very welcome!!

ABBA Yayy! Great performance by these young ladies. Your daughter is very talented and is the spitting image of you Debra! :)

Thanks! :D

Everyone says that, until they see her dad. There is a sparkle of me in her though. In all fairness, he and I were taken for siblings a time or two. Dang kid got a lot of my personality, sometimes that is good and sometimes not so much. We use to bump heads a lot when she was a teenager. lol

sam tim.png

I see what you mean. Facially she is a lot like her dad but she still looks a lot like you in some definitely a complete combination of you and her dad. I bumped heads with my daughter as a teen but it made our relationship much stronger and closer. She looks like a mini me lol..

Our son is pretty good split between us as well. He looks more like me but has his dads shape. Its weird how the genetics all come together.

I knew a guy in High School that could have been his fathers twin.

PS She and I are very close now. :D

Wow! Your daughter and her group are so talented! She has an amazing voice, and she is a great performer. Here solo was awesome! I know you are very proud. :)

Thank you, I am proud of her. I've also missed hearing her sing around the house since she grew up on me.

Oh yeah, kids grow up quick. I don't have any, but I see my friends children, and can't believe some of them are already teenagers.

Great songs so well performed 👍👍👍

No thank you for sharing
I haven’t listened to these songs for years

Thanks for sharing @debralee. That was fun! And ABBA! Love! 😍

Thank you. As much as I loved all of her time in show choir, the ABBA videos are my favorite. They really do have a fun vibe to them.

Ha! ABBA doesn't get old.

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