Bangers for Steemit (Week 7)

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Yooo, how's it going GAYmers? For once in a blue moon I am not super god damn late to writing one of these posts. It's some sort of lovecraftian miracle! I know, it's hard to believe I'm not being some disgusting cro magnon neanderthal and I'm actually writing something on time, instead of sitting in a cave grunting and rubbing myself down with the bones of my enemies. (Though, I mean, I DO do that...) Anyways, if you haven't stumbled into one of these posts of mine before, this is just a weekly series of posts I do where I talk about and recommend a few songs that I either just found recently, or have revisited that made me feel like going down a rabbit hole of nothing but boners. Like always, anyone who has some music they'd like to share can feel free to do so down below. Or, you can just go back to your crusty wet dream soaked beds, and be the turbo virgins I know you are. 

1. Hail The Sun: Black Serotonin 

I have previously put these guys on one of these lists, but beyond that one track I heard I hadn't really listened to anything they've written. I finally stopped being a pussyboi and actually went back and listened to a few other tracks of theirs, and I can definitely say all of their music makes my nipples hard. I have found hardcore bands to be very hit or miss for me, but this one is a big fucking hit. I think what sets them apart from most hardcore bands that I try to like is that they integrate more progressive/math rock into their style, and it just sounds great combined with their vocalist who stands out. (Though, my fiancee compares him to the vocalist from Saosin quite a bit.) If you're into some fast paced, chaotic rock I would definitely recommend these guys. 

2. Phase One: Digital (Ft. Periphery)

This track I found the other day via someones stream, and I was pretty surprised by what I heard. Phase One is a mixture of metal and dubstep, which is a very odd combo. I haven't listened to their other tracks to see if it sounds like a soggy gorilla falling down a flight of stairs, but I did check out this particular song because good old Spencer from Periphery did the vocal work on this track. I swear to God, this dude is like the personification of an STD, just without all of the itchiness and pus. After looking into it a bit, it also seems like the whole group from Periphery wrote sections of this song, making it a pretty interesting collab between the two bands. I definitely enjoy Spencers vocal range in this track, as it shows almost all of it throughout. The first half instrumental wise is also pretty good, though I'm a tad on the fence once the dubstep parts kick in. I don't hate it or even mind it, but I think I would prefer a more electronic sound or even industrial over dubstep. I do, however, recommend you check the track out as it is quite good. 

3. Choking Victim: Five Finger Discount

Now, this track fucking brings me back to when I was a totally lit kid, fam. Before I really was heavy into metal music, I was heavy into punk music. Choking Victim happened to be one of the first punk bands that I really started listening to, and later when they turned into Leftover Crack. These guys are a mixture of hardcore with punk, and they gave teenage me an angst filled boner when I jammed to them. Listening to this track brought back some memories that I had forgotten about, making me feel a bit melancholy, to be honest. Not sure if that's influencing my opinion at all, but I definitely still enjoy this band and if you're into older punk music I'm sure you'll like it. However, if you enjoy stuff like Blink 182 and Sum 41, then I'd kindly like to tell you you should probably go back to eating dirt like the troglodyte you are, fucking idiot. that this probably won't be up your alley. 

4. Power Glove: Power Core

If you ever played Far Cry Blood Dragon, then this track might sound familiar to you. I played quite a bit of that game back in 2013, and used to obliterate turbo virgin dragons to this tune all the time. This was one of the very first electronic tracks that I actually can recall liking/enjoying, and it was definitely a rad tune as far as video game music goes. I might have a bit of a nostalgia boner going for this one, but I think it definitely stands up to the test of time and is just as good as any electronic song that has came out in the last few years. I'd definitely recommend this if anyone needs a good song to rub themselves down with coconut oil while standing nude in the mirror. Or, you know, if you just want a song to listen to while driving or at the gym. Whatever you prefer I guess, you judgmental assholes. 

Well, there is another week done for the 2-3 of you who actually probably read this. Hopefully you found at least one song that you like out of these, and if not then you must have the ears of an earthworm and listen to some rancid shit like CardiB. God, damn it. I'm annoyed just thinking that she exists. Anyways, I'm gonna head off now and get back to doing some alpha chad shit. Like, remembering how that one time John Wick once killed 3 men in a bar with a pencil. A fucking pencil. Who does that?!.....Okay, take care you filthy slutterbutts. Until next time!

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This is great! I may have mentioned before that it is very difficult for me to know what new music to listen to over here in Thailand because there is virtually no metal scene. This is the most helpful thing I have seen today

If you need anymore music suggestions go back and check any of these that you've missed. I always have at least 1-2 metal songs in here, might help you build up a new playlist, dood.

Crusty wet dream soaked bed. How descriptive.

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