Whats going on with Busy ?

in music •  6 months ago

**I haven't been able to access the webpage for Busy.org -which I have used hundreds of times in the last few months. Is anyone else having trouble?

Anyway moving on to more positive stuff - I found a really talented and unique Musician today - a friend sent me this link from YouTube

Check out these songs from CW. Stoneking

This one is called The Zombie

This one from his album King Hokem - is my favourite Love me or die

Let me know what you think of his unique style of Blues.**

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Impressive. I really like his guitar! 🎸 Gotta get one like it some day.

The song is great, and they perform it wonderfully!


top guitar


yeah -great guitar - I follow u now -rock on


I've wanted a resonator ever since I first heard one, but I'd never seen this model before. It's quite stunning, and the sound is great.


1932 - I think

I recall running across this guy a few years ago when I was going through a Delta Blues phase. Thanks for the reminder!


really has he been around that long ? I only just heard of him