I am giving away 10 Steem Dollars

in music •  last year

I am running a regular competition every week now to help support and encourage the spread of Music on Steemit. Please help get the word around to all the Musicians on Steemit.
The competition may grow over time with the help of sponsors and participation from the Steemit community.

This week is the 1st week and it has 3 days still to run, so please resteem and help more people find out about it. The details are on the link below. https://steemit.com/competition/@daydreams4rock/competition-win-steem-dollars-for-first-3-places

Already i have found one sponsor who has put up $10 dollars and i will use that to run next weeks competition. I really hope more sponsors will come forward, so that i can increase the prize money and the variety of genres can be split up.

Thanks very much to everyone who has entered and encouraged me to give this a go. I reckon it is tough for Musicians on Steemit to find an audience and to find their place here, we are not all naturals at writing blogs, but we have a lot of original interesting content to publish.

I am also a published Artist and you can hear my music on this link for free https://www.reverbnation.com/daydreams4rock and buy it on Itunes under my name Daydreams4rock. The photograph below is me -David Emanuel and i am the songwriter and guitarist for Daydreams4rock Band.daydreams4rock n miki 115.JPG

All money i earn from this post will go into future prize pools in my music competitions.
Please sponsor the competition and upvote too.

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Great effort dear

Good initiative...100% upvote. I have the musical talent of a toad unfortu nately


many thanks for support with 100% upvote we all really appreciate it.

I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 4.10 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @daydreams4rock.


Ok - i appreciate your service but this is 6c in upvote and cost me 0.15 dollars and i lose more of it during the week and get only 50% back in dollars. You claim to give up to $6 but i can't see any evidence of that.

Did you know that there is a Steemit Open Mic competition hosted by @luzcypher? Great community that is already in place! Also, we are on Discord as The Steemit Local Music Society if you are interested in joining our music community!


the open mic competition is great - i am filling another gap for those who have recorded and released music- luzcypher ccame third in week one and supports my competition--thanks for the invitation and i will be happy to join the local music society ..i am not taking anything away from the open mic - i am offering to helps musicians who have had a producer work on their music -- like bands and others who record their music ..thanks for coming to chat