Did you know i am a published musician?

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Everything is Love is a song i wrote and released in 2011 as Daydreams4rock Band. I play guitar and sing on this track, and i made the Youtube video too. It reflects my personal philosophy thateverything that matters in this life is love and was meant to provide an uplifting experience for all who listen to it. I published the song in an attempt to balance with good energy, the dark and evil that is so prevailing in our modern world. Please click on the video link below and enjoy a few minutes of beauty in your busy life.

I own all rights to this song and video.

For more songs by Daydreams4rock Band please check Itunes, Spotify and Youtube.

Many thanks to all those who support original music and my appreciation to you for
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Well done once again. You didn't needed the last harmonic anyway :)


thanks Kim for connecting here and i am happy to follow you now as well .

I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 3.38 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @daydreams4rock.

This post has received a 3.42 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @daydreams4rock.

i loved the music. more steem to you. I hope you get some recognition for your work. will resteem it for you pity no emojis. you get a thumbs up :)

many thanks and i am so glad u like my music -thanks for connecting on my blog