Support an artist from Venezuela to have enough tools to produce great musics! <3

in music •  2 months ago

Please do Not Upvote this post and Check his blog and Show love to him! <3


Hi my friends and Hi to all the steemians, hope everyone is well :) , I posted this to ask anyone who would liked to support an artist in Steemit, there is an artist from Venezuela who has a great power in producing music, called : @lyon89 which needs some Loves from steemit and steemians, to have some tools to produce some great musics, when I started posting in steemit I had some supports from some whales who upvoted me monthly, and the friends I found here, I will be glad to be able to find more people to support this friend, just like how I get supported, I also started supporting him by upvoting his posts.
He is really incredible and has a great brain for music and also has a great personality.

Check some of his posts and musics :

Peace & Love!!

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Awesome call out Davood, I will go see their music and page now!


He will be happy about this, Thank you so much for supports Lyndsay! :d <3

Excellent that you can help and encourage others, to give their support to the Venezuelans


its a pleasure :)