Original Cinematic Music called "The Mind" by Davood Faramarzi | I would like to know your idea about it!

in music •  25 days ago 

This track called The Mind I composed and produced this track when I was thinking about our mind which it is Unlimited and I compared it with the universe. so as you can also see in the video the scenes I arranged and edited which are all free copyright from Pexels are related to the idea I wanted my audiences to feel. I hope you will enjoy!

The track is a mindful piece which will make you feel like you are in the space and watching the whole world. and it is all in your mind. and it is also real.

peace <3

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I could easily make a trip with this theme that serves as fuel for such action, a theme of those that take you to reflection or simply make you find yourself, I will add it to my playlist of my spaceship. Greetings my friend.

Thank you so much Lyon! That is great my friend! <3

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