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Back in May 2018, there was a company that claimed they were going to solve the fundamental issues of the music industry by using blockchain technology, although there were other companies already out there like Musicoin, UJO, and others that they were exactly the same….at first was sceptical…but these guys seem different…they were super helpful, looked ultra professional they brought in the big guns in the form of a superstar millionaire DJ Gareth Emery…and they had a working platform….yes….a real working platform …not slow and buggy like musicoin….How so? It is because it is not really a blockchain platform and not decentralised as clearly it is a hybrid using a centralised server to upload the tracks and the blockchain for the payments….one big disappointment for many purists in the field. But Wow!!!

These guys came in big with a fantastic Hype!!! so many didn't care about the fact that is not a real 100% blockchain project….and many of us were excited with the roadmap ahead of us…..times of wines and Roses….. were artists were playing each others tracks as there was nobody else to listen to them at the time, and the 'streaming as mining' concept was encouraging this type of behaviour…after all artists are also humans that listen to music especially from other artist they like and respect……we had contests and we spend countless hours of free advertising for a project we firmly believed in….The communication was fluid and criticism was openly tolerated and taken into account….to be honest it seemed such neat and almost flawless platform didn't need much criticism after all…..

We spent hundred of hours posting to our many followers in the blockchain social sites reaching hundreds a day, happy to share the good news of this seemingly perfect platform…….there was great excitement as one of the most important milestones was about to happen during summer the TOKEN UNLOCK…yes that time our notes will be converted in exchanges to real cash…and many of us thought…these guys have been fantastic why should we even doubt they are going to fuck up this time….impossible!!! …There was going to be also an previous ICO that placed the value of the tokens as 1 ETH 10 000 notes and many of us had almost then due to early sign ups had gathered so many that…if that amount were to be true…it would have been a lot of helpful cash for many artists out there…that relentlessly advertised this platform….

And then it day before the public sale started (one of the many hated and few following eblasts that we came to hate in time) they announced they have decided not to go forward, by claiming they have decided the market situation was not ideal and that luckily they had private investors lined up, that would make this process unnecessary....One fucking day before all this...Of course many even myself defended the position as I believed that from early on these guys were quite efficient for their previous work... and coming from a guy that lives of his public reputation being a DJ of such magnitude , you would never think something like this could be detrimental for us or the company...after all with our time and effort we have become as much part of the company as the owners almost 1 million notes staked at the time could confirm this....

token unlock.jpg

And then it happened again…..It just fucking happened again…one day (AGAIN) before the Token unlock another eblast came through claiming the token unlock will be delayed until December…This time claiming the actual state of the crypto market was not beneficial for the futures company (FUCK !! It felt like if your local and only fisherman is shutting down because he doesn't like the quality of fish the suppliers are bringing neither the amount of cash is receiving....) Come on!!! didn't they think this through before launching that it may just happened..any contingency plans...You cant be here and then just shut down all expecting all to be great again when you reappear right?....

Well again I must be a very good person or an idiot or maybe both....but I still believe that in December in just three months this shit it would have been just a mere misunderstanding....I was fucking wrong...yes I guess a third time (as the saying go a man always stumbles over the same stone.....) The day came when many of us believed we were going to be able to have finally a nice present for ourselves, new gear, guitars, pianos...even holidays....the talk was out there and everyone excited....Then it happened again...that fucking eblast....Guys finally the day is here the token has been unlocked....great right...many were wondering but where are the exchanges where is the fucking token listed....And then the news came that the only possible way to exchange it was through Dex wasn't even listed with a name only through a fucking Code......They were even advising artist to go to exchanges to ask for it themselves without them moving their lazy little fingers....Seriously this had consumed my patience and seriously was an attack on everyone's intelligence...even the shittiest coins are listed in bloody exchanges...Why this one didn't?? Well you guess right cause there is no fucking way they would list a token for a company that hasn't spend a dime in advertising and has absolutely no fucking bushiness plan and neither the idea to implement it.....

The disbelief and rage took hold into many people that have been long in the market to know that there was something fishy going on in CHOONIECORNLAND.....Many die hard fans still defend it to death and were claiming that we were all retarded for not believing still after all the disappointment in the great GURUS of music blockchain REVOLUTION GARETH EMERY AND BJORN NICLAS!!!! The telegram channel by the time was dominated by this die hard fans, many people began to complain with reason and logic about the entire took them less than two weeks to start deleting people claiming they created FUD (new word for I do know you say the truth but I am going to delete you cause it is damaging for my imagine like FUD YOU !!!) Only a facebook channel was created by invite only with very strict rules and again dominated by the same sycophants that are always following the smell of someone better/wealthier than themselves so they can feel they live under a beautiful shade and protection, under which by praising constantly only the greatness to their new masters they will get a piece in the paradise.....


By then many people started wondering how it was possible that two artists in there... BEAT16 and MARCO SVARDA were always occupying the top positions from the beginning and was impossible to actually get any close to there....Their playlist had about 2 followers but were always constantly the fuck could this happen??? Always their same tracks that by the time was one and remixed three times? Of course two of them were some of the inner circle of FUD YOU groups being an admin of the facebook himself....When asked as how this could happened he replied at the time that he used advertising....many people were like WTF !!! If you pay enough in ads that people click blindly that can take you to the top???? Isn't that similar to what other major industries do by feeding us their prepared shit cakes of mainstream with a pretty picture on? Didn't CHOON come to the arena to change such behaviours like PAYOLA!!! which this is a clear case of manipulation of charts not by quality content but by clicking pictures to see what is inside...How come those playlists being so successful were getting only two followers? That doesn't even fucking happen in Spotify, those playlist there are followed by millions....

Many people began to notice to that Choon claimed that they were paying better than Spotify....As the token isn't listed in a main exchange the only data available comes from a DEX, the note value at the time it was certainly better than spotify rates...but there was something many people were wondering when receiving their notes many didn't understand the many of us come from Science backgrounds, and as good scientists did several trials to get some real Data, and to put it into perspective....As many people know, when a hacker identifies a breach can do two things exploit it for their own benefit or report it to warn the users of a program or site it is compromised...In the last case sometimes great rewards are given to those that whistle-blow....We did those test and discovered for months that only about 30 min worth of streaming is counted per profile/person per day...Also we discovered that longer tracks more than 10 to 20 min were enough, if enough played to make you to the top..after all this company was founded by trance DJ's as Gareth Emery and Bjorn Niclas are, and their tracks are usually as in most electronic club type tunes, real long tracks....You must be thinking but that is great right, you get paid for the full track....Yes and NO...It would be great if all streams were counted from every user...due to the limited reward pool set each day...the ones that receive the most streams get a higher percentage of the pool....So the evidence this system was having big holes appeared....SO now we knew that from each profile only about 30 min (were counting) that is eliminating income from real plays from the artist =THEFT...
Then we knew that if the guys always on top are always there is for a simple reason, the token imbalance distribution rewards those massively played tracks (regardless their origins like facebook add bots) and also the longest ones.....Is pretty shitty when you think your every stream should count as a legitimate earning method as even spotify pays for each stream with no limit per user per day....

Then silence took hold on the platform for a while while the market was plummeting and the morale was low in all front...even so many other companies were working on the background and sharing their small or big successes, like Musicons mobile app in December making it one of the first working if not the first in the entire blockchain music industry...Meanwhile the close down in communication by Choons team made many people to leave or just to loose interest....The propaganda works only for the faithful so if you keep it tight and in a free and aseptic hermetic space they will never steer away from the flock.....


As part of one of the biggest communities of independent musicians and the market looking a bit brighter we decided to launch some playlists of our own, this community is built by thousands of listeners and independent artists, our playlist in Choon began to flourish and we set it up with a clear
aim to stop the monopoly of those add paying facebook clickbait bots...we knew their inner workings as we studied them so we put it to work ….in no time the support of our full community sharing the playlist in socials, Steemit, Whaleshares twitter, became a hit over 60 followers on the playlist by the first month vs 2 followers on the ever present since the beginning of the platform of those two old faces that people came to despise....In no time we were first and our tracks were rotated one by one to see that we are there to support a community of independent artists not two children on a compulsive add buying ego trip and a team of incompetent liars and cheats... In the meantime even to put a bit more of salt in the wound I began to add my longest tracks in there to see the effects of this and have the proof as I have been several times number one for days on and our playlist stayed in Number 1 for months only using real listeners and real artists enjoying each others music not a single add or bots used only a raffle/contest in which participants will get an entire amount of the notes generated that week...The people thanked us for having changed the face of the decaying corpse that Choon had become, and meanwhile we were proving the flawed system of this young sinking company....We proved that we were the ones really maintaining the ship afloat as the amount of our streams always followed by the facebook add paying gang were not even enough for a company that wants to change the music industry....


chhonicorn loves.jpg


Then the complaints of the FUD YOU team began to appear suggesting that our playlist in our huge community was just mere play for play...and that it was a scam....those same people that had the system so well studied that they even created themselves the notes official conversion tool...
Then the darkest day came, in the morning many of the highest earners in Choon at the time, and the earliest of supporters, some of them are so well known in the blockchain music community as even having radio shows that had even brought Bjorn Niclas as their guest! The outrage was monumental, and cross accusation came back and forth, luckily for me I had lost the interest in the project and knew this could happened so I have withdrawn all my notes well before only a considerable amount from previous weeks...but others maybe less sceptical have never took a single one and lost millions in the process.....Followed by this action that was carried out without a single warning...and if it was given it would have been impossible for many to know as their channels are all blocked for many FUDERS and 'conspiracy' theorists around... Moreover, it has been proven that using their 'following our TOS' we can take your money away open to interpretation, as if they haven't given us any proof privately, at this instant is just plain and outright theft....

The reputation blow has been so great for some, that action needed to be taken, so the CHOONGATE began, twitter fights, a massive withdrawal of notes that blocked the entire system for a day, self cancellation of many angered artist accounts outraged by this, and also a bit of fun trolling … an example using their flawed system placing by mass play on the top tracks very long tracks with nice subliminal and not so subliminal messages.... some of them continue to this day...and shows how the entire Choon system is so fucked and flawed that they cant even react to this type of decisive coordinated actions by people that have warned them hundreds of times with the intention to make a better company...of course when the people are attacked in the reputation and their honour without a proof and a logical reason, the VENDETTA is certainly going to be gigantic as the recent CHOON trolling can be seen to this day....

The following eblast from the company claimed that we were expelled for scamming the company and their TOS was breached by the use of bots or play to play systems....but what is clear cut know and everyone know out here in the blockchain and that the only ones using BOTS here are the two protegees that spend over 4.5K $ in some of the cases in advertising to be all this time on top.....One of them even justify it in our public discord by showing us the add receipt (we have the public screenshot) claiming proudly .....''THIS IS WHY I CHART...WHERE I CHART...'' Yes no fucking wonder they want to return all those notes that have been collected organically through music lovers and artist alike...they need to pay it back somehow to the only real investors they have left...two nobodies supporting an entire team....Some of them called us LAZY for not using these ADDS when we spent hundreds of ours doing it ourselves manually by crossplatfotrm posting and sharing...LAZY...what an argument ...what can you expect from people that invest 4.5K to get nothing in return but lies and deceit....

sean message.jpg

Their attacks began with a clear intention to keep the status quo previous to our ball breaking top list....Yesterday when all of us left those names were back up there one of them had 9 top tracks from his own playlist....the rest of the people following were probably from previous days...this shows they are the only ones even playing there left or (using others to clickbait for them) Now as of writing today the daily playlist chart has been added and strangely enough their playlists have stopped...has this been an attention call to show that the only BOTS used in this whole entire argument are the facebook bots....sorry guys your shitty scheme should be over by more pay to be someone...maybe am wrong and they will allow them again..if they do so future Choon users you will now the reason why , they can never change the music industry if they allow the same methods themselves....

Following the massive withdrawal of notes, deleted hundred of legitimate well known blockhain artists accounts and the Relentless trolling/whistle-blowing Choon decided to send a form to claim your innocence WTF!!! You can put it up your buts for all I first needed to proof we were guilty of wrongdoing by at least warning us and then by privately showing the proof...but of course as I shown above you had other plans that have now been clearly had no intention of letting us back in as you have now your booty back to share with your minions....what this company has done is clear theft.... Moreover many people affected have noticed that the smart contracts have been modified and the tracks that they have participated in collaborations continue to be live but with erased split percentage of the this twitter suggests you may be doing something illegal and probably copyright infringement....

bandicam 2019-07-29 15-30-04-420.jpg

bandicam 2019-07-29 15-20-33-508.jpg

Now you feel the shit move you did and most likely regret... cause the pain is just beginning as I forgot to mention earlier, Gareth Emery and four co-founders jumped off the ship and it was hidden from all of us and public in a clear move to keep things quite...when the market began to move all Choon communication seems to spring out like fucking Lemmings and happy mushrooms...Now you have nothing to offer as other platforms have now years of advantage from you and you have lost your flagship....and now this huge fuck up too keep your two brat followers happy and your notes back in your pockets...well brother sorry to tell you but the blockchain has memory and we know of your failure and that of Gareth...a year on in the business to change the Industry was enough....Maybe they paid him off to fuck things up and leave the industry as it is??? or maybe he just saw how fucked up and flawed the entire idea was so now you are going to redraw your business plan again from scratch...From a big part of the music community after you treated us this way, for all the disrespect, the false accusations and the rest.... I can only say one thing........FUD YOU!!! FUD YOUR SYCOPHANTS !!!! AND FUD THE CHOONICORN!!!!!

The only decent thing you could do is publicly apologise to all the artists involved in this shit you created, but to be honest I doubt that a CEO that goes to reply a trolling message in one of the tracks in Choon the day he didn't even bother to warn or ask people around by destroying reputations in the process,,it is quite now goodbye and hoping that at least all the flaws we have identified in your system at least can be repaid in full to those people you have stolen their hard earnings from....of course you wont do this too..if you do I will apologise for the FUD I wont step for a second in your shit decaying corpse platform...

PS. BYE NOW BJORN.... CHECK THESE TRACKS , THEY ARE DOPE in TODAYS TRACK LIST: (they made it up there without facebook BOT adverts ….all organic and with LOVE I think if they made it up there may be an indication you need a bigger audience pal in your streaming site as the ones maintaining it you have really pushed them away...)

And by the way today this happened .... Coon added a new thing to playlists is daily playlists....religiously for the past months and years those two guys beat16 and marcosvarda had their playlists on top always , you can see in the monthly and yearly they do not appear miraculously...have they been warned??? and if they broke the TOS???...shouldn't have been expelled too? This is the exact proof of the Shit i was talking about...they are not because they pay for advertising to have benefits...that is the simple truth....
bandicam 2019-07-29 15-33-50-840.jpg

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Hey there,

to be honest, I did not read everything in detail, forgive me - just wanted to add a bit of information. I have been recording the number of streams on Choon since the beginning (with a bigger gap at the end).

The number of streams is steadily decreasing and almost halved after the recent ban wave (which included me ;-).

I will not forget what happened but in the end, we might have been riding a dead horse lately and it was about time we dismounted and start concerning ourselves with something else.

Very interesting data showing and proving the fact that as i shown in one of the screenshots one guy had 9 of his tracks on the top tracks after all this happened...they told them or they saw it themselves and after two years playing out those playlists stopped cause as the message left above by one of them 'it looks unhealthy' :D they even themselves had to stop for it not to look to evident that there is no one left playing in that decrepit platform and the ones actually supporting it and mantaining it it was our community all along and two compulsive facebook add buyers....Cheers i will add it to the updated version on Monday....with the news of the two latest investors (now summing up to G Emery and 4 co founders) jumping off the platform lasting only a month...i wish when is the next eblast i am sure Bjorn will announce it when he retires and shuts down his mess...

Hmm, let me think back upon not just the past week, but the past couple of years…

  1. Choon allowed themselves to be represented as a blockchain-based company when they were not. People may or may not consider this to be an outright lie (based on what the original marketing materials actually say) but the facts are that Choon did nothing to correct this impression and benefited from being labeled as a blockchain company.

  2. They canceled the long-awaited ICO. Breaking a promise that they made.

  3. They cancelled/delayed the first token unlock. Breaking a promise that they made.

  4. They canceled/delayed the second token unlock. Breaking a promise that they made.

  5. They made zero effort to make their token (NOTE) easily tradable or useful on their own platform. The token had (and still has) no utility except as a speculation vehicle. The only thing musicians could do with it was sell it… and that could (and still can) only be done on a DEX.

  6. It turns out that artists were not paid for all streams of their songs. There were limitations that did not become apparent until people started reconciling their numbers.

  7. After a long period of silence (which should be a numbered item on its own), there was a near complete change in the management team. This change was not announced to users.

  8. They banned several high-profile artists, some of whom had been highly supportive of Choon throughout all the above, with accusations of TOS violations. No warnings or proof were provided. More importantly: Assets (NOTES) were confiscated from their accounts and “smart-contracts” involving collaborations with these artists were modified, either knowingly or as an unforeseen result of account deletions, resulting in an unclear disposition of after-ban earnings. Songs that these artists worked on (with other non-banned artists) are currently earning NOTES, and no one knows where these NOTES are going. They are being robbed right now, while you are reading this. How is this possible? Go back to #1 and consider the ramifications of believing something to be blockchain based when it is not.

Choon is now dead to a large portion of the crypto-music community. The above list is a warning. These are signposts that you will probably see again (and again… and again…). In hindsight, we all should have bounced after item #3. But we wanted to believe… to see the positive…. To give the benefit of the doubt. Oh, what fools we were.

you should create an article out of this comment. its much easier to read (not that i like what dsm wrote)
and gives a good overview what wrong with choon in the last year. thanks for that

Yeah, I'll probably do that. Since I've already posted it here I'll create actual articles on Whaleshares and other platforms, and leave this one where it is. Thanks for the suggestion.

@icondark Thanks man nice resumed version of my essay, next time i would call you to write it for me :D!!!

yes something very shady there , and about our collab with d-vine and pulp stereo
not good and probably illegal

@winkandwoo Yes you should dig into it as manipulating a contract this way is not a very decent thing to do bordering the illegal...and is at this instant outright copyright infringement as The people affected are clearly not giving their permission to host their collabs there...once they have been robed and humiliated...This should be seen as a warning to anyone in that platform...out of the blue they can take everything away from you...and for the looks of it also benefit by using your intellectual property as they please...

Quite a piece here.

It always baffled me how one artist can have 3-8 tracks yet have had SO many streams though on the top artists though. If they have spent £4k then that's up to them. I personally would spend that money travelling (but then I'm a traveller/blogger too 😂)

Looks like "I like meth" is back at the top tracks again now - great image!

Posted using Partiko Android

@nickyhavey......It is up to them, yes maybe in old streaming platforms...but a facebook add is a bot...a payed bot...but a bot...those plays are as artificial as Donatella Versace's face...and clearly against their TOS as the plays generated y adds are just clickbait, people who press those adds just doing it not knowing what is behind...if those people would become fans and then play within the platform and save those playlists that would be great...but if they had 2 and 5 followers each after two years doing that ...shows two things one that they didn't increase their fan base and those plays were just press and go so no follow up and second the only plays they and the listeners accounts have never increased as we have proved by placing those tracks where we want them as today#s trolling tracks to show there are nor listeners using Choon only us artist maintaining the boat afloat...and strangely most of us the most engaged and biggest earners have been targeted all in one go...what a coincidence....there is no denying that as any platform they are prone to have manipulation and cheats as i shown how easily it can be done and how many times we complained seeing those two names in there....the hard truth is that today after stopping their playlist (breaching their TOS likely warning ) they are both still there...for us not even a warning and only a form to prove my innocence really???? Shouldn't it be the other way around they warning and proving before taking your money and reputation away...??? ...of course not unless you are the only fountain of financing by paying the ads yourself and not the company...where are the investors they claimed in the cancellation of the ICO, where are the investors now that their main asset and other 4 cofounders vanished? what are the business plans?....they have NADA...that is the truth....only a pretty working platform...that has not much to offer than any other streaming site nowadays...

A Facebook ad isn't a bot though. There are bot farm services out there but a Facebook ad just puts your profile/link (whatever it is you want to advertise) on the side bar or at the top of the newsfeed of the audience you're trying to target. I don't know what the person you're screenshotting has set to target so can't comment on that.

What Facebook ads are actually meant for is to either get your FB page and brand out there (like what I did with a fb ad campaign and totally regret it btw) or to take people to a landing page for email sign up. Taking them to a link that is neither of the above seems to me like a waste of money and you're basically promoting the platform itself. It's like paying for an advert to show your Soundcloud page - not much point in my personal opinion and experience but to each their own.

I did spend a LONG time last night reading the terms and conditions of service on their website and I have to say, I couldn't see anything in there that says they are liable for anything really. Including if the website just totally shut down and they went off. The immediate ban thing is mentioned if an account is found to be "breaching the terms and conditions" but I do think they should freeze or "lock" accounts rather than a straight up ban - put it into some sort of "under investigation" status. They absolutely could have done it better as I am just seeing little glimpses here and there of the backlash (I can't spend my whole time online so don't see the ins and outs).

I'm on the fence with it all.

Posted using Partiko Android

yeah back to the origins i like meth is a n1 classic in Choon :D seems we are back to 2018 all over the feeling you ever been cheated? Johnny Rotten Dixit

Doesn't make sense why you'd want that on your site to attract investors but then that guy has also spent money on fb ads to promote it too. Not that there is much competition now....

I never actually listened to it myself so can't comment on it's chart topping qualities

Posted using Partiko Android

Marco Svarda here. Thanks for asking all these questions, and the free advertisement as well. Maybe if you would be active outside your little community on Discord, you would have known why my playlist dissapeared.

I have been running FB-ads since last year continously, mainly to keep up with dodgy guys like yourself. Nothing shady about it, as it’s all-in the open and you can even find which page advertises and which not. Asked the team in the early Telegram days if it was legal, and they even encouraged it. Never been warned for it, because I did my due diligence to check first.

Because no one else, except me and Beat16, ran ads continuously, we decided to take them off for a bit now, as it would indeed look unhealthy if the chart would display as the one you posted in your blog. After the unlock, at least MC Frosty and Mashypie decided to run an ad, as they now get value for money, without any ‘scam tax’. Ever since the removal of scammers, the Streaming for Mining went up from 30 to 70 NOTES per minute (lowest point ever was 7). So all the scammers together were responsible for taking at least 50% of the daily NOTES supply.

You're still pretending everywhere that what you did was for the community and the support of the Choon platform. While you never promoted Choon anywhere but in your own Discord group. Consisting the same group of artists sharing your playlist (not anything Choon!) on all other websites you mention. To get that same group of artists to stream your playlist on a regular daily basis. So much for your contribution to the growth of Choon, as there was none. It was just a bunch of artists streaming their own music, day in, day out...

FYI, ads target real human beings. Not bots. With the right targetting you can add fans for life. As South America is a region where my style of music is upcoming and popular, I advertised there. And I don’t have any stats, but I am pretty sure that the amount of South American users/listeners have increased a lot over the past year. But there is no need to sign up for Choon. My listeners are fans, not artists. My listeners come back if they like what they hear, but you can only follow a playlist if you are a signed up user. 60% of signed up users are artists. Which explains directly why your playlist had followers and mine did not. At least, not in terms of Choon users. My playlist ad got shared 55 times, and had 310 likes, in 4 months, also got a lot of cross-likes on my page, and those people really follow along and interact. It’s called, investment. Ads help growing the platform. at least in listeners. Streaming your own shit doesn’t.

Unfair competition? You could’ve stopped being a greedy whiner and spend some money yourself. In the time you wrote all your frustrations everywhere, you could have done some nice artwork and a bit of reading how ads can help you grow your audience. You chose not to.

What’s questionable is, that guys like you did far higher rates on a daily basis, than guys with ads, while you weren’t spending a dime. I never heard of you before Choon, and hearing your ‘music’ I’m not very surprised either. You were an unknown artist on a new and unknown platform, and yet you outperformed artists like Gareth Emery, Guy J. and Darude, who actually have a name in the scene and a decent fanbase already. How? I can show statements of any day I advertised. What can you show to justify your streams? Discord posts? The shares on socials by all artists involved in your playlist? Wow, massive.

This post also shows that you never been a real supporter of Choon, as you seem to be outraged about everything since the cancelled ICO already. Choon gave very reasonable explanations for their decisions, yet you only highlight the state of the market... You withdrew your NOTES because you knew you were gaming the system, and eventually would get caught. I even warned you, but you preferred to ridicul it, instead of taking it as advice. And now you are bitter and angry that you got caught, and decide to get it all out on Choon, and 2 guys that actually spent money because they believe in a project from day 1. Which obviously cannot be said about you.

Enough of your complaints and false accusations. I should actually report you for harassment and spreading fake rumours. But I won’t. Because I probably won’t hear from you ever again. Good luck with your little crypto earnings, your organic fanbase, your talent for making noise and your inferiority complex. Good luck spamming other blockchain based music platforms with your dodgy playlist. I don't even care how you will try to twist this message again in a reply. I'm still on Choon after a fraud cleanup and you, Downward Spiral Mantra, is not. People can make up their own mind about what’s the most logical explanation...


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