August Wind Sighs ~ Reasons and Understanding

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I'm going to be completely honest here and I hope you somehow, find some answers as to why we, as humans, do the things we do.

I'm not after any sympathy with this post, nor do I expect anything in the way of rewards, I'm merely reaching out to other fathers in my situation that are struggling financially and with their own mental health issues, because believe me, I'm trudging through the quagmire at the moment


My family mean the world to me.
Sadly, I've let crypto and blockchain get in the way of that this past year.
As the only person earning at home (since the pandemic struck) I find it increasingly difficult to balance everything, like my day job, my music career and constant posting to scrape a few extra £££ for a short 4 day holiday and extra treats.


I look tired, because I am tired

Frankly, this is the only vacation/break we'll have until next summer, and that's fine because I'm grateful that I can provide my children with these life experiences and adventures camping in the Great outdoors for very little money.


And finally, during this past 6 months or so I've been receiving upvotes from @acom and @goldstreet to which I'm very grateful for, but going back to my first point regarding the whole balancing act and pressures of financial family life, I found myself having to sell my ACOM DVT tokens last week to relieve myself from some of the £2000 credit card debt I now have.
Sure, I shouldn't of sold those tokens because they were earnt from the kind upvotes that I received.
In hindsight, it was a very stupid idea, and hindsight is a wonderfully distracting thing after you did what you had to do.


So, then I find out that there are is no longer any value in those tokens and that I have lost what little I had invested.
I can totally understand why they created the new ACOM DVD token too.
OK, I traded them at 1.8 Steem which obviously upset the team, which is understandable, but isn't the Steem Engine and blockchain all about freedom of movement?

Well, I felt so guilty that I bought them back and cancelled my trade, because I'm actually a good human being and didn't ever want to let anyone down or upset the well oiled machine that is ACOM


So, as if today, I have 6000+ ACOM DVT worth exactly ZERO.
And that's the price you sometimes have to pay for trying to balance your life, family and finances.


Enjoy your weekend and please, make time for your families and loved ones, because one day, there'll spread their wings and fly from the best.
DC 🙏

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