Clases de canto a niños by @danieldedosd2

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Nicola Vaccai (Tolentino, 15 de marzo de 1790 - Pésaro, 5 o 6 de agosto de 1848) fue un compositor italiano, sobre todo de óperas, y profesor de canto.

Trabajo con mis alumnos de canto con éste metodo desde hace años y el resultado para la emisión del sonido, fraseo, y tecnicas de respiración dejan en ellos una increible satisfacción. Les recomiendo grandemente utilizarlo para las enseñanzas del Bel Canto.

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Hi Daniel I had no idea you worked with children, I love hearing talented musicians passing on the torch to the new generation.

I also just wanted to reach out and invite both you and @mariajruizb to join us at Sonic Groove Live, I am a massive fan of you both and I just adore your voices.

We just opened submissions for week 6 and it would be amazing if you would be able enter some time, I miss your entries so much - so its really all for me lol XD hope all is well with you both and to hear some more amazing music from you both soon <3

Friend @krystle, in addition to working with children are very good teachers. I have about a month taking singing classes with them and they are both excellent at their job. They are educating a great group of talented kids. I admire them very much for their dedication, love and the passion that fills them. Plus, they have two kids who are amazing. How I wish you could meet us in person. But the world goes around a lot and maybe someday that moment will come. I send you a big hug