Guitar improvisation by Laurent #9

in #music7 years ago (edited)

Hi everyone, long time no see!

Here's a dorian psychedelic guitar improvisation I recorded this morning, I use a piece of foam to mute the four last strings. I want to explore this type of music deeper for the next weeks until I finally get a new audio card.

Hope you'll like it!



4 words, off the damn hook.

You are super talented! I mentioned you in my latest blog :)

Thank you very much man!

Very cool man! I need to start working with my looper more :-)

Impressive skills , applaud to that


what kind sound of did you make?
its's awesome.
Try to record with a loud string sound, so that we can listen to it properly.

I had a childhood dream of learning how to play one musical instrument, till today i have not let go of that dream i must learn how to play just one instrument even if am old in age i will do it

A very impressive improvisation!

Nice work and recording, I like it!

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