This is not a review. It is an amazing storytelling piece written with great care, epic creativity and more passion than I can describe.

Thank you for sharing.

Great story man! Enjoyed reading it! I played in a trash metal bend at the same age as you did and had a similar story to yours :) Amazing how we people are so close but so far...anyway, great story, keep it up, looking forward to more of this kind!

This is such a beautifully written 'review' that even I, who has not gone through all this with music and know nothing about any of the names you mention, can say I'm actually touched and inclined to go look up that music that has changed your life. Thank you for sharing this, making the world a more beautiful place through your writing.

Thanks Noby. Coming from you that's quite a compliment. I guess it's hard now to listen to this and get the impact. There was really nothing like it at the time. I still think though that the music and lyrics are enough to blow most people away.

"Ritual de lo Habitual" is one of my alltime favs! The first time I listened to It was when a friend of mine recorded me a Cassette including It (can't remember what was on the other side...). Starting with "Stop", It was like kickin me hard in the stomach! What an incredible sound, what a crazy voice and wild guitar riffs! After this It came RHCP "Blood Sugar Sex Magik", Pearl Jam's "Ten", Soundgarden's "Badmotorfinger" and Nirvana's "Nevermind". Times of change, times of alt music.
Cheers! And thanks for sharing this story! Keep rockin'!

Glad it brought you back to that time for a moment. Yes, so many amazing albums sprung from this one musical moment and each one reminds me of a part of my life back then. I think I'll have to write a few more of these.

Waiting for these new writtings! If you want to follow me, I do rock posts daily.

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I have loved Dave Navarro since ... before I will admit.

For those who are only familiar with Been Caught Stealin', check out the rest of this album.

Just as great today as it was back then. And I know, cause I already listened to it today. Thanks for reading :)

Wow ! Your vividly descriptive choice of words literally sucked me back in time( though not that far because my first CD ever was Nirvana's Nevermind) Thanks for that beautiful trip down memory lane. You have a real gift and talent for making the story hug it's reader and let them lose in your memory. Hope to see you on Discord soon!

Thanks Niki. I can also remember the first time I heard Nevermind. Another point worth writing about perhaps.

Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Hi damianjayclay!
Beautiful review on an amazing most exceptional genre-making band! Absolutely agree! I've had the pleasure and great honor to work with Perry Farrell on several projects as he supported my group, mystic family circus with several gigs! Love the man, Extremely Talented (understatement) but kind, humble and generous for such a giant major Rockstar Prince! Lol, so im sort of a fan;)
Thank you for your beautiful words! x
Ps: I'm soon posting some mashup mixes of my most fave musicians ( some famous, some friends, some even both) to promote their singular work and adding a twist of my own! And hopefully Perry Farrell will agree to be one of them! Have you checked out P.F's solo album "Song Yet to be Sung"? High recommends!:) thanks again!:)

Oh how cool. I can imagine him being a great guy. I look forward to hearing your stuff and I'll be sure to check out the solo album.

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

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