Let's Rediscover

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I'm feeling rather euphoric and energised.


I'm at the beginning of a whole new journey and I've got some steem of my own and some more in the boot of the car.
Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.06.51.png

I'm here (Steemonia) because of @lloydavis - and after seeking his counsel I've decided to hit the road this summer.

I'm looking for sleepovers along the way and I'm happy to do some steem ironing for you in exchange for a bed, food and a shower. Our conversation will be the biggest reward. If you know me from Twitter, Facebook or Steemit, do reach out, I'd love to come see you.

I'm a good listener and I hope an interesting and valuable guest.

AS I hurtled towards my first stay over venue, a track came on and I couldn't resist hitting play on the video. The lyrics sum everything up that was in my mind and the drop, a true reflection of my energy and excitement.

I hope you can follow the journey. There will be some amazing people along the way.

Happy Friday!
I'm 7 days old on Steemit, it's been a marvellous first week.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 12.13.40.png
Above is the view from my destination for the weekend. Devon, UK

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always a mixed blessing when someone follows your suggestions :D

seriously, I'm glad to see you on the road and glad you're enjoying Steemit, I see your first rewards are starting to flow in.

Have fun in Devonshire and give my love to anyone there who might know me :)

Will you be doing tour merch?

Firstly welcome to Steemit you've made a great choice! Unfortunately i'm not near Devon but in the northwest but if you need a stop over i'm all for meeting fellow Steemians 💯🐒