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Summertime, techno, living in a rush, rave, responsibilities, drugs - when everything blends together, speed of light equals the speed of life. This is the time when Raving Foxes are taking two steps backwards and making a place for their second project called Cultural Foxes. As we can describe the previous episode as the darkest nightmare, the current one is more like a mystic dream. A dream completely designed by Agata Harz, Kasia Smoluk, Lechosław Polak, Remigiusz Hanaj and Robert Niziński, members of the avant-garde psychedelic group called



original founders, photo from 1991, source

The history of Księżyc began in 1990 with the characteristic acapella sang of the three girls inspired by the traditional Eastern European songs. Rare but memorable performances (for example in abandoned church in Wroclaw or prison in Warsaw) between 1990 and 1993 help them to raise the attention of "poetry seekers, dreamers and people dressed in black”, clarify the band crew (which wasn't anymore neither acapella nor female-vocalist-only) and finally release the first single called Nów on the OBUH Records. Three years later world could lost itself into the medieval Slavic psychedelic journey full of the melancholy, mystical and grotesque sounds provided via self-titled full-lenght album of Księżyc.

Księżyc - A Ile Ma Lat

Originally released on the cassette and 10" vinyl limited to 333 copies, LP was overloaded with the full range of emotions, from anxiety to the happiness, surrounded by the surreal sounds often created by everything except instruments. Mixture of sinister and calm vibes combined with a dreamy vocals provided by Księżyc is a recipe for a pure audio-madness. A madness unsurprisingly well accepted by the community, but surprisingly not by the band. After release Księżyc - Księżyc LP they slowed down with playing live and finally suspend their artistic work as a group, focusing on private life's and carriers.

Księżyc - Księżyc (1996) FULL ALBUM

“We are time travellers, we bring in ancient and modern elements, elements taken from the cosmic universe and from our local roots.”
Robert Niziński

As the time passed, year after year and reprint after reprint, popularity of this legendary avant-garde band just constantly raised. Questions about the possible reactivation were asked for 18 years. In 2014 Księżyc came back on the stage at Unsound Festival, stepping out from the catacombs, clock towers, castles and prisons where they used to play before. Next year brought the second LP called Rabbit Eclipse released by Penultimate Press. Overwhelming atmosphere of the ethereal, dark ambient pads mixed with blurred vocals, many different instruments and tools proves that it was worth to wait almost two decades for the new breath-taking spooky gems. Without stepping out from the underground, Księżyc with their Rabbit Eclipse reached a lot of attention, jumping into The Quietus Albums Of 2015 list leaving behind the legends such like a Bjork with her Vulnicura.

Księżyc - Rabbit Eclipse (2015) FULL ALBUM

Their stage performances are more like a spiritual trip than a concert or live act. Audio-visual creation build on the front of the audience can be compared with the ancient rituals. If you are looking forward to listen Księżyc live, make sure to follow the Official Facebook Fanpage for the latest informations.

Księżyc - Boiler Room In Stereo


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