"A Song A Day Keeps The Stress Away!" / #2

in music •  2 years ago 

Dear Steemians,
Another day, another song.
The featured song for today is called "Crazy"

By Zonderling:

And Lost Frequencies:

A sunshine-ready track to warm up the winter months with a new twist on Lost Frequencies’ adored house sound, ‘Crazy’ is individualistic and captivating with a sing-a-long chorus that enchanted at its debut live Tomorrowland debut. With lyrics including “I don’t care what the world says” and asking “so what if I am crazy?”, that wrap around bouncing synth lines, ‘Crazy’ is a future classic that is sure to stand the test of time amongst some of Lost Frequencies biggest back catalogue hits, and the perfect anthem to inaugurate the Found Frequencies venture.

Have a great day folks and remember to follow me on Steemit for daily music and motivational posts =]

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Here's to no stress! Thanks for the song of the day.

Thrilled to be of help! Have a nice day!