Cujus Animam Gementem - G.B.Pergolesi. My first concert with orchestra. December, 2010

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I show them the video of my first Concert with orchestra.

From the age of 8 I belonged to the musical world and from that age I started my singing studies in Venezuela. At the age of 9 I sang my first piano recital and at 10 years old I was able to sing with an orchestra.
From a very young age I have always loved singing and I am convinced that it is for what I was created, I was born to sing and every day I try to do it better.

Then I will show then more videos of my concerts and recitals throughout these 10 years that I have singing.

Thank you very much for watching. Greetings and a big hug!

Cristhian Quintana, Boy Soprano
Orquesta Sinfónica del Estado Miranda
Gregory Carreño, Conductor

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