My Spotify Shuffle #11 - Rainbow in the Dark by Dio

in #music11 months ago

(Videos seem to be a bit buggy at the moment, just click the title and it will open in a new tab)

Rainbow in the Dark is the penultimate track from Ronnie James Dio's (RIP) solo debut, Holy Diver, which released in 1983. Rainbow in the Dark is a classic Dio masterpiece featuring Dio's incredible vocals and excellent guitar playing from Vivian Campbell (awesome solo!). The chorus is monumentally catchy in typical Dio fashion and the song is all around excellent.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of this song?


shame i can't play the video but I'm sure its cool
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You can't click on the title or even search it into youtube?

for some reason it plays now, i really enjoyed his power vocal

For some reason it
Plays now, i really enjoyed
His power vocal

                 - winkandwoo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

oh yeah, classic
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He had just the perfect metal voice didn't he!! That keyboard sounds very dated now though!

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