My '11/10' Songs Part 2 - Numbers 24-17

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This is part 2 of my roughly ordered list of songs that, if 11/10 was an actual thing, would achieve that godly status. They're a cut above all other music to me. I find that songs that elicit an emotional response to me tend to be some of my favourites and this makes them more powerful, and thus more memorable and 'godly'.

Number 24: Panic Station by Muse
Panic Station is somehow my favourite Muse song, it's very groovy and pretty eccentric. Gotta love the trumpets in the choruses. Matt Bellamy's vocals are on point, so is his soloing. The solo is simple but really fits the song and is fantastic. I also love the "weeeowwww"s of the guitar in the background of the final chorus.

(This video is so insane I love it)

Number 23: Decks Dark by Radiohead
Each section of Decks Dark is distinct and beautiful in its own way, whether it's the calm and atmospheric first section with the brilliant piano and choir that slowly builds into the more exciting second section or the third part with its great guitar and soothing Thom Yorke vocals, it's all excellent.

(No official video, it seems)

Number 22: Painkiller by Judas Priest
What can really be said about Judas Priest's incredible Painkiller? It opens with an insane drum intro that opens into that just...perfect guitar riff. Rob Halford's slightly insane vocals help this song with its equally insane premise of a dragon motorbike with sawblade wheels. The two solos are face-melting too and the guitar tones are perfect throughout the song. Painkiller is proof that you don't actually need to delve into the heaviest genres to make a properly heavy heavy metal song.

Number 21: The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret by Queens of the Stone Age
The first of a lot of QOTSA on this list, The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret has classic QOTSA riffs alongside the signature sexy guitar tone (there's no other word for it!). These riffs are so catchy and infectious, it's impressive. Josh Homme's vocals are exceptional as always.

Number 20: Flattening of Emotions by Death
Despite what I said about Painkiller earlier, the death metal genre does contain a lot of deliciously heavy songs and Flattening of Emotions is one of my favourites. Like Painkiller, Flattening of Emotions also opens with incredible drumming and bass playing which gives way to a crushingly heavy guitar riff. It's lightning fast and sludgy, just perfect. Like most of Death's songs, Flattening of Emotions is filled with a huge variety of them and an excellent solo to boot.

Number 19: Holy Wars...The Punishment Due by Megadeth
More plentiful perfect riffs with Holy Wars...The Punishment Due, Megadeth's best song. This song contains stellar riff after stellar riff and an amazing solo at the end. I also love Dave Mustaine's vocals, although that's a more controversial opinion.

Number 18: Mosquito Song by Queens of the Stone Age
I love how moody and atmospheric Mosquito Song is. It is very different to most QOTSA songs with an acoustic guitar and an...accordian? The piano section in the middle is moody too and it flows into the slightly more bombastic, but still moody finale.

Number 17: Go With The Flow by Queens of the Stone Age
Go With The Flow is one of my favourite Queens of the Stone Age because of its slightly anxious driving main riff (the tempo is a bit uneasy to me for some reason) and awesome secondary guitar tracks. They're so simple but add so much depth. Josh Homme's vocals are on point of course.

Thanks for reading! Have you heard these songs? What do you think of them?


Great Post btw the Muse one was Unavailable :(

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love the radiohead one

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