Every 70s Metal Album Rated and Reviewed Part 9 - 1979 (Part 2 of 3)

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At last, another part! We're almost done now with just 5 more albums to go! These 5 albums were actually very enjoyable.

Narita - Riot


5 October 1979
Riot's second album.
My Rating: 8/10
RYM Score: 3.64
Primary Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

This album features a great energetic cover of Born to be Wild. The title track is a fantastic heavy rocking instrumental and Here We Come Again is excellent too. This album is just so fun and energetic. Narita is an incredibly solid sophomore effort from Riot. Great stuff.

Bomber - Motorhead


27 October 1979
Motorhead's third album.
My Rating: 8/10
RYM Score: 3.73
Primary Genres: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Slightly slower-paced than Overkill, Bomber still highlights the core of Motorhead: pumping you up. Their songs are endlessly energetic (especially in the case of Dead Men Tell No Tales here) because of the dirty and often exciting guitar riffs and the almost rusty vocals of frontman Lemmy. Bomber isn't much of a standout album but it is consistently great and thus a really enjoyable album. A few favourite songs include Dead Men Tell No Tales, Sharpshooter, Stone Dead Forever and Talking Head.

On Parole - Motorhead

On Parole.jpg

8 December 1979
Motorhead's fourth album.
Motorhead's third album this year! (although it was recorded in 1975-1976 and intended to be their debut)
My Rating: 7/10
RYM Score: 3.24
Primary Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Secondary Genres: Rock & Roll, Blues Rock

Most of the songs on here are also on Motorhead's self-titled (actual) debut so this is very similar but slightly weaker than that album. Decent stuff.

From the Fjords - Legend

From the Fjords.jpg

Legend's first and only album.
My Rating: 8/10
RYM Score: 3.68
Primary Genres: Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock
Secondary Genres: Heavy Psych, Hard Rock

Awesome epic theme and excellent guitar riffs (The Wizard's Vengeance! What a riff!). Some really fantastic drumming here too, like in The Golden Bell and The Iron Horse (although the drum solo here is a bit lengthy). An excellent A side and great B side make this album a true hidden gem (only 500 copies in its first (and only official) printing!).

All Your Pretty Moves - Survivor

All Your Pretty Moves.jpg

Survivor's first and only album (renamed to Philadelphia)
My Rating: 8/10
RYM Rating: 3.54
Primary Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Secondary Genres: Heavy Metal

Great Hard Rock/Heavy Metal mix with an awesome guitar tone. Deceive Me is a fantastic slow builder and Kristallnacht is basically a 70s Judas Priest song, it's excellent. I was very surprised with this album actually, it's really great and certainly worthy of a listen!

Thanks for reading, next time will (finally!) be the end of this series with the last 5 metal albums of 1979 (they're probably not too good!)


Bomber!! Great album. I actually like that they slowed down a bit on this one.


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