Making A Beat in Logic Pro X { Rick Ross Miami Vibe Type Beat Tutorial 2018}🔥👈 ✅ }

in #music • 5 years ago

In this video tutorial, I go through Making A Beat in Logic Pro X, similar to a rick ross Miami Vibe type beat tutorial. 🔥👈 ✅ . The music is inspired by artists like J Cole, Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar.

I was kind of going for Justice league type beat sound that you can hear on countless Rick Ross and MMG type beats.

There are common elements that go into the making of a beat like this in logic pro or any DAW, this comes in the use of the vocal chops.

A lot of the modern producers and beat makers behind the instrumentals for Drake, Bryson Tiller, and Rick Ross use the vocal chops as almost like an instrument.

Creating a blanket effect over the beat so it removes the dead sounds in music, but keeps an air and a movement for the rap artist to vibe too.

I like to call this the Miami vibe type beat {you hear it hear first} more of summer trap type beat sound. The core of the beat comes from trap music but with a softer more radio-friendly sound.

Drake's producers would tend to use pad sounds for this effect but nowadays ever since the birth of trap soul, more and more producers are using vocal samples from modern songs or singers that they have with them in the studio.

Some of the bigger artists still use samples from old records to create this summertime sound in Logic Pro, but I have steered clear from using samples from other records. I just find it too difficult to deal with in the music promotion stage after the beat has been made.

I like sampled beats and the make amazing summertime Miami Vibe type beats, but it seems more difficult to clear the sample and to profit from the beat later post-production.

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