Im a total music lover, and I listen everytime, all kinds of music!! I use to be

in music •  2 years ago 

heavy into quitar in my younger days. i love to sing, well I'm a karaoke DJ , in a bar.
check all this out . I love all these vids!!!

This guy tripped me out, and I love his soul!

Next: acoutical is a beautiful sound!!

Street players are my favorites!!

Can't forget Billy Joel! yaaaaaaaaaaa!

Isn't it amazing how many gifted peeps in this world! I tell ya, humans are a miracle of life!

Live simple and live happy!

Aloha Al

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Those are some amazing performers!!

YUp, I'm gonna be putting up 3 vids everyday on all the performers I know about! In fact I got some great one for tommorrow! thanks for stopping by! Aloha Al