Saturday Night Sounds

in music •  5 months ago 

Hi fellow Steemians,

It’s getting to become a more regular thing for me thankfully, let’s share some music!

The aim of this post and others like it is to get more music shared on the platform, music is an awesome part of life! There is so much music that we don’t know about so please share at least one song with me in the comments! I would love to hear some new music.

This weeks theme is a great lyricist rapper named Atmosphere or also known as Slug. I haven’t found out if he’s got newer songs but I imagine he does, he’s got some great flow and beats to his music! I think these are all top quality songs so let me know and share some songs with me!

Atmosphere- Hair

Fuck You Lucy

Modern Mans Hustle

The Woman With the Tattooed Hands

Trying to Find a Balance

Pure Evil

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