Your Listening to Music Wrong ???

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Are You Hearing The Bigger Picture

These days music is so accessible from a host of sources that somehow we have began to listen to music not the way it was intended to be heard. From the rise of car stereo systems to YouTube and mobile phones, the speakers we are listening on do not provide with a clear and accurate representation of what we was intended to hear.


Its crazy to think that some top end studios cost hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars and even bedroom studios these days are ranging into the thousands to tens of thousands of pounds/dollars mark, but yet the average consumer of music will listen through a £10 portable speaker or poor quality car sound systems or at worst through there phone speakers :(

Some genres of music are sub bass heavy and therefore they can not be experienced correctly by most listeners. A way to check is to see if your speaker solutions is able to provide frequencies 40hz and above to enjoy sub bass correctly. (These frequencies carry the most energy so therefore should be felt to really understand their potential, they are responsible for the vibrations that occur when listening to music at a club)


Most of these poor speakers are not able to push out the whole frequency spectrum of sound and therefore you are not hearing the bigger picture, also say for example you're listening to music on youtube the odds are the tracks has been compressed to reduce file sizes etc but in the process reducing the frequency spectrum that is audible therefore degrading the audio source.

In an ideal world i would like all consumers of music to be able to hear music with sub bass being felt and the top end not being brittle and cut off but bright and rich. For this to happen you would have to spend a decent amount of money on a sound system, but not as much as your thinking. A budget pair of studio monitors could set you back only a couple hundred pounds/ dollars to much well even just a decent pair of headphones will vastly improve your listening experience just make sure that the source you're listening to is at its best quality it can be.



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