Free Mastering for Your Music Production 15/06/17

in #music3 years ago

Mastering Service for Free

Is anyone looking for that final polish or simply the ability to get there track as loud as possible with some advice for future productions. If you make any form of electronic music e.g drum and bass, dubstep, house, trap, trance etc; and would like a track to be mastered for free please feel free to message me in the comments and we can arrange a track of your choice to be mastered and returned back to you today.

Preferably some headroom (-3db) would be left in the mix but i can work with any form of mix to help you improve in the future. Upload your mix to zippyshare and leave a link in the comments for a quick turnaround analog/digital master.

(One per user, limited time today but will be doing this every couple of weeks so will post again soon if you found this article and missed out)


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