Sharing Of My New Album "Lost At The Controls" That Is Created To Help With The Newly Arriving Consciousness

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I have posted a lot of highly revealing geopolitical information over the past few years and, suffice it to say, it wore me out mentally to post so much info that was mostly truly heartbreaking in nature. That path led me to focus more inward and, being a musician and a bit of a poet, I decided that the time was right to get to back into recording some new material.....for myself, something with some upbeatness and philosophical meaning.

That album is now out on CD Baby, You Tube, Spotify and Amazon, as well as other sites, and covers a lot of the esoteric subject matter that my posts delve deeply into. Its a bit of a melodic concept album that attempts to capture the zeitgeist and changing perceptions of reality that are currently taking place around the world.

Since the roll out of Brzezinski's Grand Chessboard plan for destabilization of Russia and full control of the world by the corrupt Elite and their Deep State and media minions I have been called a Russian troll, an Assad apologist, a Nazi, antisemitic, a far right name it. I get called all kinds of ridiculous stuff. It comes with the territory when you help expose war crimes and terrorists, particularly ones financed by our own governments. All the terms used to censor people on social media have been applied to me throughout the past few years and, like many of my fellow Americans, I have been largely censored across almost all major social media platforms for helping to reveal unpleasant truths.

This work of art proves that I am none of those things attributed to me by the Atlantic Council's thought controllers and that I completely reject divisiveness and censorship used to silence the voices of humanity. I am quite simply a dad with three kids and a cool wife who writes books and translates video games. Hence that I have so much time on my hands to pursue these geopolitical posting endeavors. I am also a former US Marine and have travelled extensively due to my love of music. I learned how to play guitar and keyboards when I was in the Marines many moons ago and when I got out I decided I wanted to travel around Europe and play street music, which I did. My past led me to where I am now so I am thankful for the USMC for teaching me that I wanted to be a creator and not a destroyer, or a corrupt rich mans pawn.

That pretty much sums me up. I used to be a dem but realized both parties serve the same masters so I quit choosing sides and playing the game and instead just focused on revealing war crimes and terrorist related psyops. Just want to set the record straight for those Atlantic Council trolls who have accused me of all kinds of ridiculous bullshit. They even had my website Clarity of Signal up on one of their meeting boards once in an image I came across.

Atlantic Council article featuring images from my site Clarity of Signal, my response is at the bottom of their post and it is notable that they promptly removed the images and replaced them with other images after I complained directly to them in the comment section about the misleading nature of their article. They removed them because I am simply none of the things they accused me and my site of being. I, like others, am simply a concerned citizen. Albeit, one with too much time on his hands. :)

Image they posted on Twitter featuring my site Clarity of Signal as one of the top Russian disinformation sites (my post here today proves that their own post was the real disinformation). That's Kate Starbird at the podium, by the way, one of their leading propaganda disseminators.

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Link to post -

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Here's some links to my new music. I hope ya dig it. And I also hope that some conspiracy analysts out there with a similar mindset as mine really enjoy it as something to relate to in these interesting times we are currently living in. :) I made it for people like us, people bringing and exposing the truth.

All the best to you and your family and friends.

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Album Notes

I started creating music many moons ago when I was traveling the globe. Through my travels I've visited 44 countries...many of them while backpacking. I've been a busker in Montreal and Europe, a US Marine, a local yocal in Athens, Ga back in the mid 90's, a jack of all trades when it came to survival and nowadays I'm a Game/App proofreader and voiceover artist with a cool Russian wife, two cool little boys and a crazy darling daughter. I make psychedelic, melodic Irish folk based weirdness with surreal themes that delve into the subconscious dream world that stimulates us all. I cover everything-- from my hero's such as John Lennon, Joseph Campbell, Robyn Hitchcock, Karl Wallinger, Alan Watts, Diane Ackerman and many mythology, travel, romance, history, space exploration, the use of various mind altering substances, politics, art and conscious dreaming. The dreamworld plays a big part in my art. I highly recommend Robert Moss's "Conscious Dreaming" for people wanting to open up to higher consciousness.

My goal with my music has never been about money (although one needs it to survive). Instead I hope to help others realize the dreamworld is available to us only has to tap into it and life can become much more colorful and enlightening. I hope you enjoy my music. Peace to you and your family and friends. :)

Soundcloud page with lyrics:

An example of the esoteric strange subject matter I delve into:

You Tube links to some of the new songs:

Somewhere out There (It Feels Like Home)

Playing the Game

The New Rage

New Rage lyrics:

Lyrics - Your heads a spiral glossy cage filled with fantasy and conflict spread across the wide world stage, can't tell up from telling down, all the words vitriolic in the rat race, running on the merry go round,

A soldiers grave in St. Antoine tells the story of the devils who shopped him home, and sold him as a bag of bones to fleece, now a mother weeps on methadone, trying to cope but all alone, staring at the sun, the boy she'll never see...

Its the new rage, head in the bubble, its the new rage in the heat of the summer feeling betrayed thinking that it won't come down,
These are sad days, lives in the balance as the sun fades darkness fills the vacuum and the charade goes on while we all spin round...

I was just a little boy, didn't know that the world was so strange, stepping out into the void......Once I climbed aboard the bus, to be shipped off and to be trained to kill the very thought of us...
But I left that soldiers life behind, set out upon the road of life and saw my mind was truly mine to be made up...

And now I watch the grand charade, the greatest show on Earth, the cavalcade, and do what I can to wake my fellow humans up...

Its the new rage, head in the bubble, its the new rage, in the heat of the summer, feeling betrayed thinking that it won't come down...

These are sad days, lives in the balance as the sun fades darkness fills the vacuums and the charade goes on while we all spin round...

My 2019 cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" -

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These Changes Coming

Amazon link -

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Image of me and my wife and kids dressed up for an 80's costume party reveals my true nature. Not exactly the nature of a Russian Antisemitic Nazi troll eh? My name is Christopher Harrison and I have a great family with wonderful happy kids and thats why I wanted to give something back to the world. I am thankful for being here and for living the life I have. Helping stop wars and exposing warcrimes is a great way to give something back to the world and I see it as part of the larger rising consciousness that continues coming. I hope that helps explain my motivations for doing what I do and have done, particularly with the music side of things and the subject matter within the lyrics.

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Images and links to my previous album from 2014 before all the perpetuated madness became clear in reality.

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My song "Zen For Alan Watts" is regularly featured in monthly rotation on Spotify. Its probably my most played song. Here's the You Tube link to it. Note exactly the music of a Far Right, Antisemitic, Russian Nazi as I have been accused of being, eh?

Oh and I don't do this for money although I am not opposed to money being provided for the art. I do this because they go hand in hand. Good endeavors lead to rising consciousness within ones self. I do it for myself and my family and others like us. Peace.

March of the Alchemists