3 Basic Concepts a Singer Should Know (english)

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Many singers in their day to day sing without knowing what are the parts of their instrument or basic concepts which _ "is the must-be" _ of a singer who knows. Well, it's never too late to learn if you're one of them, if you know what I'm talking about, this would be a feedback and if you're entering this musical world, great! because you are starting with very good bases. Tell me:

How do you prepare a cake if you do not know what ingredients it has and what are the steps to make it perfect?

Obviously there are people who venture to do so do not know and although some do well (with luck I say 😳) others do not, the same happens in singing, some do well without knowing anything and do it well, but there are others who do not know how to do it can end up hurting the vocal cords, for example: there is a technique called gutural very used in metal singers and I think some rockers, there are many who do not know how to apply this technique they end up hurting their strings Vocals in the medium or long term, it also happens that many singers would like their voice to be more appreciated because for some reason they do not listen when they sing and end up running out more than necessary. Well the following concepts can help:

1. The Respiratory Apparatus

It is important to know the respiratory system because it is one of the bases of the singer, it is said that it is the apparatus in charge of breathing, performs an action (Inhale-capture oxygen O2)) and the result (Exhale-release carbon dioxide CO2), This is done by living beings, they absorb and expel the air taking part of the substances that compose it. Here is an image where the parts of the respiratory system.


2. The Fontor Apparatus

This device is responsible for producing sound emissions (voice).
It consists of: the larynx, the respiratory system, the vocal cords and the oral cavity. Here is an image of the parts of the speech device:


3. The Resonators

The resonators are of great importance for the singer, this allows us the personality of the voice, the brightness and the roundness of it. The human resonator apparatus is formed by the various structures that are above the vocal cords which are: the nasal cavity, the oral cavity and the pharynx. It should be noted that these are the basic ones, however I am one of those who support that our whole body is a sounding board and knowing how to work, many things can be achieved.

Here are two extras that I find interesting 😄.

4. The Vocal Strings

The vocal cords are the part of the speech device directly responsible for the production of the voice. They are not rope-shaped, but rather a series of folds or membranous lips. It is located inside the larynx, in the upper part of the trachea that are later joined to the arytenoid cartilages and anterior to the thyroid cartilage.

5. Relaxation

Relaxation is a state in which the person is in perfect harmony with the environment and the environment. For a singer it is important that he be relaxed in harmony with himself and with the environment, because if he is stressed and does not even feel good about himself or what he is doing, it is possible that he transmits not so good energies, besides that he can end up hurting the vocal cords if you have badly exercised tension, it can also seriously detune. However, we must not misinterpret, the strength and tenure exercised by a singer must be distributed and administered correctly.

For the next post we will do a small breathing and vocalization exercise.

Well, I hope you liked this post. Thankful for your attention and time any comments or suggestions will be welcome. Happy day 😄.


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