Hip-hop track: Brother of Mine by Judicious, Kurt Robinson & L-Dixon

in music •  11 months ago

This is a track we wrote in the middle of 2017 about how those who use peaceful means will eventually succeed.

The chorus goes like this:

The meek shall inherit the earth
The humble and ready to serve
The gentle agree to non-violent terms
We're the heirs of the world since birth

If war leaves you wondering why
If you pause in the summer sunshine
If peace plays a permanent part in your heart
Then you must be a brother of mine, alright

I wrote the first draft of the chorus some time in 2016, thinking about a certain bible verse often mentioned by @jeffberwick in interviews. By that time, there were already a lot of crypto millionaires who saw the potential of the technology to remove power from violent authoritarians. Now that the market cap of digital currency is around half a trillion dollars, it's safe to say that the gentle are closer than ever to inheriting the earth.

I produced the instrumental, which L-Dixon ended up mixing and mastering. The harp sound is from an instrument my parents bought me in Mexico known as the "magic harp", which I played and recorded myself. I'm on the first verse, then Judicious and L-D on the third.



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Haha yeah! Good ideas and execution. Backpack hip hop vibes. Let’s bring the gentle abundance!


A song is very nice, but there is too many examples in the nature and human history where the peaceful parties were enslaved and even exterminated due to their nature or principle of thinking.