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I was once a artist for Sony Music Brazil some years ago. Today I'm working closely with one of the biggest labels in Brazil and I've dedicated much of my career towards changing how the Industry operates in my home country, being the fair monetary compensation of artists my main focus.


As an Entrepreneur and a successful businessman I would love to be able to share some of the things I've learned over the years that might be helpful not only to others musicians, but also other artists so that they too can find a way to live from their art.

I believe Steem can be a powerful tool to convey this message, and I'm confident that it will be crucial in the change the industry is currently experiencing.

I hope you can join me in this journey of discovery

All the best



When a person work for their own country and devote their self for the betterment of their own land, they get contentment.

I Agree! Following you @introvert-dime!

Best of luck for what you are planning to do for your country.
I have a question. How do you motivate yourself to do all this? what is the driving force behind?

Art my friend! Regards

Just a little Trivia: Music was older than the universe itself
When He created the earth, universe, galaxies & etc, Multitude of Angels were singing for joy :)

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Hahah Thanks that you pointed this out.. Was almost being dissapointed that everyone was replying in a fake, dishonest and extreme positive way. I mean this post as little to no value.. why put hunderds of dollars just to tell people that you were in a certain industry and you are going to change it.

Woooow great post man hahaha. maybe tell us more why? and How? and When? jesus.. some people hahaha

YESSS!!! as a fellow rocker, I 100% agree with you!!! I've only done 1 tour of Brazil and it was FANTASTIC!!! I can't wait to come back. Fabiana Batistela from INKER is my promoter... Do you know her? Keep the dream alive my friend. BK

Thx, Don't Fade Away my friend!

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Best of luck for your work with this singer👍👍👍👍

Your welcome brother


Wow, you are really an inspiration to me.
As a lover of music, I can not be more thankful to have known you and especially about your success at steemit here.

Congratulations [email protected] chbartrist

We shall grow to meet you. Good luk in your endeavours.

You are welcome Sir.

Dude you are best your singing art is amazing I like it one day you will be moon your voice is so nice

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So happy to see you with such a fulfilling life. You got yourself a new follower!

You Welcome Friend!

awesome feed man! just followed you. would be awesome if you could check out my work also.

Thank you friend! Welcome. Follow U 2, Best!

Steady friends may continue to succeed in the future

Best of luck bro :)

incredible, continue to advance in the work of art music, it's amazing, success is always for you

Very amazing post dear nice planing I like this post

i appreciate your entrepreneurs and business. i too want to become like you.a successful man and brand, bro.i get inspired from your line.

thank you ranjitoram

Following, my horn band CD did good in São Paulo ten years ago.... www.markaustinband.com. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Thanks for your post. I am a musician too, as well as a business owner. i have to say I am successful too. Success is hard to quantify, and is really (in my opinion) a mindset. So when someone states they are a successful businessman I often wonder what they mean or what their interpretation of success is. So what do you actually mean when you say you are a successful businessman? Is the purpose of this post to announce that you are willing to share to artists and musicians, what you have learnt over the years allowing you to be able to live off your passion? Please enlighten me and share what you know. I am open to what you have to say. Cheers Andy

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote.....///

This is really great man. So happy to see this.
I have started following you now.

Best of luck.. ... 🎶🎼🎶🎵🎸

Hi @chbartist . I suppons you and follow you while overtime

Excellent resource of motivation for those who start career in the music industry, working hard to fulfill dreams. Thank you!!

All the best brother...
share your thoughts and work....
I'm sure that will be helpful for other musician...

Excellent initiative in collaborating with the industrial change of your country, success and good luck.

Valeu por compartilhar! O projeto que está trabalhando aqui no Brasil tb envolve blockchain e criptomoedas? Legal saber que como a área de video, com a @paratii, a área de música tb está se movimentando. Se estiver em São Paulo dia 23/3 a @naturald está organizando o primeiro Steemit Meetup na cidade. Sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!!

Wow am an artist too from Nigeria. I just followed you

Sounds Awesome! You've got a new follower!

I think if you can share some things that help artists and creatives in general live from their work, that don't involve spending 500SBD/day buying upvotes, these artists would be very grateful.

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No problem man!

I think you did not read my post. Because you do not work on your blog to share your experiences rather than making non-constructive criticism on others' blog posts. I wish all success and the best that life can reserve for you. Regards

First, thanks for your constructive criticism.

You are absolutely right, I should work more on my own blog. I hope that reading my philosophy posts (some of which are about my life experiences) helps people to think more clearly about their lives and the world around them, but I could also be more direct in my advice. To be honest, I lack confidence that I can help people earn more money as that's not the focus of my skillset. What I could (and should) do is be more direct in the help I can give people with literacy, writing style, research and citation skills etc.

It occurs to me that we we might both be being unfair with each other. I don't know how philanthropic you are with your time and money in the rest of your life, just as you don't know that about me. This is somewhat my fault on both counts, as I could research your background, and make my experiences and work more available on my blog.

It was unfair for me to make my point as I did. Yes, it is true that you have spent, in a short time, what would be for many people weeks or even months of their total income, on bitbots. But (I hope) this is unlikely to be the whole truth of your life and what you are trying to achieve here. Perhaps it is necessary for you to buy this attention and profile in order to effectively give back to the community of musicians and creatives that you wish to support. And it's true that you can't be an inspiration to people if you are invisible.

I won't promise to not criticise you in the future. But I will try to be fairer and more constructive - or at least walk away from my computer if I'm in a bad mood and comment later.

In the first place I thank you for leaving this comment and I agree with it. Your perception is quite correct, you are a philosopher and I respect thinkers a lot and there is a universal phrase that to be able to help others you have to be able to help yourself. I can guarantee that I've been able to help thousands of people along my career, but it's not something I need to talk about, I simply do it.... and I wont use names as a boasting promotion. I hope you make a lot of money with what you are doing, its only fair if you are genuinly dedicating your time to help and teach others and its because of this that I think that even thought we had this little miscommunication I'm actually making a friend on Steem. Im going to start following your work and I will try to support you as well my friend. Starting now lets both do our best to help others become better people, that is exactly what this world needs. Wishing you the best, we are in this Steem journey together after all.

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I have no intention of leaving the platform but respect your opinion because it is only an opinion about me. Why do not you start reading the chapters I'm still going to write? I've already written the first one and I'm sure they'll help thousands of people who can capture the messages I'm transmitting. A lot of success for you!

bro you are best your singing art is amazing I like it one day you will be moon your voice is so nice. its very amazing i like it so very much :)

I do like that Steemit stage as well.



May you be successful in this endeavor

its an awesome guitar
fellow guitarist @chbartist

wow !! nice guitar, may I borrow brother @chbartist

I wish you nothing but success!

I am glad to see your post

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Keep it shinin' @chbartist !

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@chbartist i cant wait to learn fro your tutelage

good luck. I hope you succeed in your intentions

How could I sing.

Wow - I have NO idea how this post has attracted this much attention and so many upvotes, but I will read more of your content and try to find out what your 'magic' is! You sure must have some mojo working here on Steemit, @chbartist! Looking forward to finding out what all the fuss is about ;o)

I love playing guitar and singing also.

I Like This Post. That's Very Amazing! 👍👍👍


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I couldn't agree more with you @chbartist. The blockchain is revolutionizing the way we even receive music. Very exciting times. I'm inspired by your story because I make instrumentals..

art is so amazing ,,,

like your art,sir..
@upvoted !

You really are a great man. I wish you best of luck for the work you have decided to do. Carry on the good work.

It seems that you have a great opportunity to make real changes there in Brazil. With block-chain technology there may be other way to compensate these individuals in Brazil as well. I will be following your story.

Are you the one on that photo? You look awesomely cool there @chbartist!

Ummm...... Best of luck in this new planning. God help you achieve great from this. Weldone.

Nice post.keep it up.

excelente post.

kamu begitu sombong kawan

thank you, posting or submission you are very helpful to all our careers, please pollbac me

Nice feed. Hope i could see more of your post sir. Keep steeming!

Nice post! Love it

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Thank You! ⚜

Good luck for what you are wanting to improve the situation your nation.
I have an inquiry. How would you inspire yourself to do this? what is the main thrust behind?

I wait next u post

Cool. I like music please share more about them, Thank you

I love when people are not afraid of sharing information. And this particular issue interests me the most. I have written enough songs to make an album and I am confident about their quality. However, I have absolutely no idea where to start. Hope you tell me and the others like me in your new posts. Cheers ^^

keep on going ...just motivate people ..thata all i have to say . ALL THE BEST.

Positive vibes ✊🏾✌🏾

Generous of you. I would expect that the easiest thing to do is attend as many TV talent shows you can and make Simon Cowell smile.